Release Highlights

(tick)  New Application Support

Now, you can sync your Ivanti incidents with other ITSM applications via the Perspectium Integration Mesh (previously MBS). Plus, the Perspectium InstanceSync and DataSync apps will be available soon on the Atlassian Marketplace, allowing you to easily sync DevOps data from one Jira instance. to another.

(tick)  New Service Provider Support

Submit your incidents to AWS Support and Perspectium Support from within your own ITSM tool without the need to log into a separate portal.

(tick)  Agent Enhancements

Configure your agent for creation of a temporal database and bulk sharing of your table schemas.

(tick)  DataSync, On-demand DataSync & Intelligent Incidents beta apps for ServiceNow (coming soon!)

Sync your ServiceNow ITSM data with local data stores using Perspectium's DataSync app, coming soon to the ServiceNow Store. Plus, you can also sync your ServiceNow data with an AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) and then train AWS Machine Learning models to deliver custom predictions about your ITSM processes with the On-demand DataSync and Intelligent Incidents apps, both coming soon as beta releases.

(tick) Other Improvements

Data guarantee for ServiceBond integrations, data obfuscation enhancements, improvements for inbound message processing, and more!

Release Notes

Fluorine Patch 1 (Replicator)


  • Reduced the amount of global property query to help improve performance for subscribe records in large bulk.

Fluorine Patch 11 (DataSync for ServiceNow Agent)


  • Fixed an issue where the parameter for CLOB configuration defaults to an incorrect tag

  • Fixed an issue where the Agent only ran table stats once instead of intervals

Fluorine Patch 2 Hotfix 1 (InstanceSync for ServiceNow & ServiceBond for ServiceNow)

June 26, 2020

  • Added message count header to retrieve message counts posted using DataSync File Solution.

Fluorine Patch 1 Hotfix 1 (InstanceSync for ServiceNow & ServiceBond for ServiceNow)

June 26, 2020

  • Added message count header to retrieve message counts posted using DataSync File Solution.

Fluorine Patch 9 (DataSync for ServiceNow Agent)

February 11, 2020

  • Agent will now honor scientific notation values as string values when replicated

Fluorine Patch 7 (DataSync for ServiceNow Agent)

December 3, 2019

  • Agent will now ignore consumption of monitor and counter messages that get replicated to the agent's subscribed queue

  • Added additional checks to ensure tags are being honored for alter table statements

  • Added extra details to retrieve the agent's system requirements when the validate configuration tool is ran on debug mode

  • Fixed an issue where temporal data were not handled properly when the tag is enabled

  • Fixed an issue where the agent now runs correctly when the agent is installed on a partition drive with or without administrative permissions

Fluorine Patch 6 (DataSync for ServiceNow Agent)

October 10, 2019

  • Added support for dynamic ports for MSSQL server

  • Added support for dynamic ports for MSSQL server

Fluorine Patch 5 (DataSync for ServiceNow Agent)

October 4, 2019 

  • Added support for the configuration of Snowflake in Replicator Agent installer.

  • Added the configuration for the number of times and duration the DataSync agent will retry after a SQL exception occurs

  • Fixed an issue where receipts had count discrepancies for large volumes of replications.

Fluorine Patch 4 (DataSync for ServiceNow Agent)

August 29, 2019

  • Fixed an issue where the Agent system requirement check was checking only the root directory.

Fluorine Patch 3 (DataSync for ServiceNow Agent)

August 27, 2019

Fluorine Patch 2 (InstanceSync for ServiceNow & ServiceBond for ServiceNow)

June 26, 2019

  • Fixed an issue for deletes on the subscribing instance to trigger business rule

Fluorine Patch 1 Hotfix 1  (InstanceSync for ServiceNow & ServiceBond for ServiceNow)

June 4, 2019

  • ServiceNow users with the perspectium role can now access the Perspectium Data Cleaner, PSP Row Discrepancy, PSP Event Subscription, and PSP Share Table Map tables

Fluorine Patch 2 (DataSync for ServiceNow Agent)

May 28, 2019

  • Issues with a high number of consumers being created by the DataSync agent will no longer occur

Fluorine Patch 1  (InstanceSync for ServiceNow & ServiceBond for ServiceNow)

May 22, 2019

  • ServiceNow subscribe performance has been improved by reducing repetitive actions with encryption functionality

  • ServiceNow bulk shares for 25,000+ records will now run more efficiently due to performance enhancements with outbound message processing

  • The Last Sync Time field for ServiceNow dynamic share scheduled sync-ups will now be populated with the proper values

  • The maximum bytes per ServiceNow dynamic/bulk share is now capped at 16 MB, and the maximum records per share is capped at 15,000 records

Fluorine Patch 1 (DataSync for ServiceNow Agent)

May 6, 2019

  • Performance of the share table schemas functionality for ServiceNow bulk shares in DataSync integrations has been enhanced

Fluorine Release

March 14, 2019

  • ServiceNow table schemas can now be bulk shared to databases so that the Replicator Agent does not need to fetch schemas from the instance

  • An option in ServiceNow is now available to sync all source fields (including custom fields) with the fields in a target instance

  • The InstanceSync and DataSync apps for Jira will be available for download soon on the Atlassian Marketplace

  • ServiceNow incidents can now be synced with AWS Support Center cases

  • ServiceOps ServiceNow-Jira is now available for syncing incidents with issues and change requests/change tasks with stories/epics

  • Error notification emails about ServiceNow connection errors to the Perspectium Mesh (MBS) can now be sent in batches at specified time intervals

  • Descriptions have been added on the group shares Create New form to provide clearer directions for filtering and choosing tables/template 

  • The number of Remedy scheduled jobs has been consolidated to improve performance when sending Remedy messages to the Repeater Agent 

  • Subscribe conditions/settings for the Global table will no longer override subscribe conditions/settings for other ServiceNow tables

  • You will now receive a ServiceNow inbound error message and Perspectium log message when a target instance is unavailable in Jira, Remedy, and Rally ServiceBond integrations

  • An Observer for ServiceNow alert has been added to notify you when a node that your ServiceNow instance is running on is down

  • Observer for ServiceNow alert flags will now display on trend group charts only if the flags are relevant to the trend group

  • You can now modify the SOQL queries for individual child SObjects of a parent SObject that has been configured for a Salesforce dynamic share

  • On the Salesforce properties page, you can now set specify whether Salesforce outbound messages have a default state of either Ready until the messages are sent out successfully or Error when the messages are not sent out successfully

  • Log messages for the Salesforce package have been improved to provide details about non-existent queues when trying to share out data

  • When selecting a ServiceNow table map for a dynamic share or bulk share, the default direction will now be set to outbound

  • Logs for the DataSync for ServiceNow Agent will no longer be generated in the wrapper directory and will not cause log file sizes to be excessive

  • Form layouts will no longer be changed for non-Perspectium tables in ServiceNow

  • ServiceNow text fields with strings greater than Salesforce character limits will no longer prevent a record from being inserted/updated in Salesforce

  • For Salesforce dynamic shares on the Contracts SObject, hidden columns will now be handled properly

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