The Outbound module under Perspectium Messages in ServiceNow contains records that are queued to be sent to the Perspectium Mesh. Up to 4000 records can be sent every 30 seconds by default. This value can be changed on the Properties page. The Inbound module under Perspectium Messages in ServiceNow consists of records coming into the current ServiceNow instance from other sharing instances. You can start receiving inbound messages by configuring a ServiceNow instance as a subscriber.


Data Guarantee generates receipts for messages that have been shared out of ServiceNow. Receipts will be generated after creating a dynamic share or creating a bulk share and setting up a subscriber, such as another ServiceNow instance. Message receipts indicate the delivery status for records that you have shared out, allowing you to quickly identify successfully shared out records as well as any records that have not yet been shared out. Receipt delivery statuses include:

  • Success Your records were shared out successfully

  • Pending The subscribing instance is still processing the records you are trying to share out

  • Error Your records were not shared out successfully