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Release Highlights

DataSync for ServiceNow

(tick) Application UI redesigned 

A redesigned UI improves your experience to better navigate through the features you use. 

  • Navigator list are condensed and organized to its proper category. 
  • Bulk share and dynamic share forms redesigned to improve your configuration experience.
  • All sharing options in one location. See the new Shares page
  • Features that can help you solve some of your integration issues are all located in the Troubleshooting module.

...and much more! Explore the How to Use DataSync for ServiceNow to see all the other changes. 

(tick) Table Compare Enhancement

 There are now different comparison types for ServiceNow to Database Table Compare:

  • Audit Shares compares the records shared by bulk shares with the records in your database. 
  • Compare Records by Table compares the records that satisfy specified conditions with the same records in your database.
  • Synchronize Deleted Records removes records that no longer exists on your instance from your agent database.

See ServiceNow to Database Table Compare to get started!

(tick) Share and Subscribe Performance Improvements 

Some of the notable ways performance has improved include:

  • Creating multiple MultiOutput Jobs can be use if you are sending a high volume of messages to a single queue or spreading your messages across a high volume of queues.
  • Improve bulk share performance and increase throughput by automatically creating Multiple Bulk Share Jobs.

  • Creating multiple Inbound Processors can be use if you are receiving a high volume of messages from a single queue or want an overall improvement in throughput.


(tick) Manage your data with ServiceInsight

Expand the way you manage your data with ServiceInsight with the following:

  • Pre-configured data extracts, paired with Tableau reports. 
  • Get a deeper understanding of ITSM, CSM, ITOM, ITAM and HR data.
  • Review your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in minutes!

See ServiceInsight to get started!


(tick)  Operate, plan, and troubleshoot the core application with Dashboard!

The new Dashboard included with our core application will provide you the following:

  • A single page dashboard that shows an overview of an integration including volume, status and errors.
  • Help you understand your data exchanges powered by Perspectium and assist in troubleshooting issues.

See Dashboard to get started!


(tick) Back up and restore your ServiceNow tables in your own instance or another!

With the ease of Snapshot, you can achieve the following:

  • Get control over your ServiceNow backups and have confidence that you can restore from them.
  • Snapshot entire applications, including forms, properties, scripts, business rules, referenced records and schemas.
  • Restore entire applications onto other ServiceNow instances for migration. 

See Snapshot to get started! 


(tick) Share records out of your ServiceNow instance with IntegrationHub

Extend ServiceNow workflows to 3rd party service providers or other departments using the Perspectium Spoke and the ServiceNow IntegrationHub:

  • Share records from a ServiceNow instance to the Integration Mesh without the Perspectium ServiceNow application.
  • Share records out in Common Document format in addition to base records
  • Share out the comments and work notes of records 

See Perspectium Spoke for ServiceNow to get started!

Release Names and Packaging

The releases name are in the format of <Major>.<Minor/Patch>.<Hotfix>. The contents of a release package are based on the name and are as follows:


Version of the software that contains significant new features, enhancements, and/or improvements in the user interface (UI) or user experience (UX). 

Perspectium's release name follows the chemical elements (e.g. Helium) and are released alphabetically. For example, Helium 6.0.0 is the major release following Gold.


A set of changes that contains updates, bug fixes, and/or improvements on the product. This release version can be installed by itself without a major release. 

(e.g. Helium 6.1.0


A set of changes that addresses a specific issue. This release version cannot be installed by itself, it will need to be uploaded on top of a major or patch release. Starting with Helium, hotfixes are cumulative so hotfix 2 will contain fixes in hotfix 1. 

(e.g. Helium 6.0.1 also known as Helium Hotfix 1) 

Release Compatibility

Perspectium tests n-2 compatibility with each release e.g. the previous two major releases of the Agent prior to this release has been tested with the latest version of the ServiceNow application.

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