ServiceBond release notes provides what is new, fixed, or improved for the Helium release.

Release Names and Packaging

The releases name are in the format of <Major>.<Minor/Patch>.<Hotfix>. The contents of a release package are based on the name and are as follows:


Version of the software that contains significant new features, enhancements, and/or improvements in the user interface (UI) or user experience (UX). 

Perspectium's release name follows the chemical elements (e.g. Helium) and are released alphabetically. For example, Helium 6.0.0 is the major release following Gold.


A set of changes that contains updates, bug fixes, and/or improvements on the product. This release version can be installed by itself without a major release. 

(e.g. Helium 6.1.0


A set of changes that addresses a specific issue. This release version cannot be installed by itself, it will need to be uploaded on top of a major or patch release. Starting with Helium, hotfixes are cumulative so hotfix 2 will contain fixes in hotfix 1. 

(e.g. Helium 6.0.1 also known as Helium Hotfix 1) 

Release Compatibility

Perspectium tests n-2 compatibility with each release e.g. the previous two major releases of the Agent prior to this release has been tested with the latest version of the ServiceNow application.

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See release notes for earlier releases.