The Perspectium Spoke application for ServiceNow IntegrationHub reduces the need for custom developments to extend ServiceNow workflows to other applications involved in the service delivery process. This is especially valuable when connecting with 3rd-party service providers, which may or may not be willing to adapt their incident or other ITSM processes or terminology to fit with yours. Perspectium Spoke for IntegrationHub allows for a rapid, code-free extension of ServiceNow workflows to any of the many MSPs that have standardized on Perspectium for their service integration needs.

The application allows you to share records out of your ServiceNow instance to the Perspectium Integration Mesh in order to integrate with other Perspectium-supported applications. Spoke utilizes the REST step functionality of ServiceNow's IntegrationHub to share messages out of your ServiceNow instance. 

Perspectium Spoke User Guide

Learn how to install and set the initial configurations for the Spoke app.