Release Highlights

(tick) Replicator for ServiceNow update set is here! 

Check out the DataSync Release notes on whats new with DataSync for ServiceNow (previously known as Replicator).

(tick) Using Flow for ServiceNow Dynamic Share is now live!

You can now choose between business rule or flow designer to send records out of your ServiceNow instance as they are created and/or updated 

(tick) We've improved our data alignment 

You can now choose to send dynamic share outbound message immediately for your Service Gateway integrations

(tick) Security fixes


DataSync Release Notes

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Service Gateway Release Notes

See what's new in all the integration available to facilitate automated Service Provider to Customer interactions!

Record Estimator Release Notes 

See whats new with the Record Estimator application!

Other Products Release Notes

See what's new in our other legacy products like Replicator and Observer!

Release Names and Packaging

The releases name are in the format of <Major> <Patch or Hotfix> <Patch/Hotfix Number>. The contents of a release package are based on the name and are as follows:


Version of the software that contains significant new features, enhancements, and/or improvements in the user interface (UI) or user experience (UX). 

Perspectium's release name follows the chemical elements (e.g. Gold) and are released alphabetically. For example, the Gold release is the major release following Fluorine Plus.


A set of changes that contains updates, bug fixes, and/or improvements on the product. This release version can be installed by itself without a major release.

(e.g. Gold Patch 1)  


A set of changes that addresses specific issues. This release version cannot be installed by itself, it will need to be uploaded on top of a major or patch release. Starting with Gold patch1, hotfixes will be cumulative, so hotfix5 will contain all previous Gold patch1 hotfixes. 

(e.g. Gold Patch 1 Hotfix 1, Gold Patch 1 Hotfix 3, Gold Patch 1 Hotfix 4) 

NumberThe number that represents which Patch or Hotfix the release version is in. 

Can't find the feature you're looking for?  

See release notes for earlier releases.