Perspectium Properties in ServiceNow can be accessed by navigating to Perspectium > Control and ConfigurationProperties, and Replicator Properties can be accessed by navigating to Perspectium Replicator Properties. You will need to set your initial Perspectium & Replicator properties after installing Replictor for ServiceNow or upgrading your Replicator for ServiceNow version in your instance.


(warning) First, you will need to either install Replicator for ServiceNow for the first time or upgrade your Replicator for ServiceNow version.

(warning) You will need the following information from Perspectium Support:

  • Perspectium Integration Mesh (MBS) server URL
  • Integration Mesh (MBS) username
  • Integration Mesh (MBS) password


To set your initial Perspectium & Replicator properties, follow these steps:

Navigate to Perspectium Properties

Log into your sharing ServiceNow instance and navigate to Perspectium > Control and Configuration > Properties or simply type Control and Configuration in the Filter Navigator on the upper left-hand side of the screen. and then click Properties.

Enter your Perspectium Mesh (MBS) login info

Type your Perspectium Integration Mesh username, password, and server URL in the appropriate fields. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

(info) NOTE: It is also highly recommended to check the Enable debugging to generate more log box. To view your Perspectium logs, navigate to Perspectium > Control and Configuration > Logs.

Navigate to Replicator Properties

Navigate to Perspectium > Replicator > Properties or simply type Replicator in the Filter Navigator on the upper left-hand side of the screen. and then click Properties.

Set your default encryption/decryption keys

Type your encryption and/or decryption key in the appropriate field(s). Your encryption key will encrypt data that is shared out of your ServiceNow instance, while your decryption key will decrypt any subscribed data coming into your ServiceNow instance. Your encryption/decryption key must be 24+ characters in length to enable TripleDES or AES-128 encryption. To enable AES-256 encryption, your encryption key must be 32+ characters. You can select an encryption cipher when you create a dynamic share or create a bulk share. Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

(info) NOTE: The encryption/decryption keys set in Replicator properties are your default keys. To set encryption/decryption keys for each shared queue, see create a ServiceNow shared queue. For more information about creating multiple encryption/decryption keys, see encryption keys between instances.

(info) NOTE: You can also configure how data is encrypted before being shared by choosing an option from the dropdown under Decryption key. By default, data shared out of your instance will use ServiceNow's password encryption (encrypted), but you can also choose to base64 encode shared data and then use ServiceNow's password encryption (encrypted_multibyte).

Perspectium Properties

Property nameDescriptionTypeDefault value

Used to send messages to Perspectium Integration Mesh to monitor status of the Perspectium for ServiceNow application. 

(info) NOTEif the Perspectium application cannot connect to the Default Mesh, this values will toggle to true