By default, ServiceNow display values for reference fields and choice lists will not be shared out in your dynamic shares and bulk shares. However, you can enable the sharing of display values for these fields in Replicator properties.

(info) NOTEDisplay values do not ensure referential integrity when used to join with other tables. To ensure accurate joining between tables, always rely on the actual sys_id value in the reference field instead.


(warning) First, you will need to follow the steps to get started with Replicator.


To share display values for reference fields and choice lists with your dynamic shares and/or bulk shares, follow these steps:

Log into your sharing ServiceNow instance and navigate to Perspectium > Replicator > Properties.

Check the box labeled Enable replicator to add display value fields (prefixed with 'dv_') for reference and choice fields. Then, scroll to the bottom of the form and click Save to save your changes.