To run a bulk share using the share only sys_ids listed feature, you will need to add sys_ids of the records to be shared out to the bulk share.  However you can use ServiceNow's Import a translation from an Excel spreadsheet function to sped up the process of adding the sys_ids to the bulk share.


(warning) First, you will need to create a bulk share without executing it.

(warning) Then, enable share only sys_ids listed.


To quickly add records to the u_psp_bulk_share_sys_id table, follow these steps:

First, you will need to create an Excel spreadsheet with the following format:

Save the Excel spreadsheet.

(info) NOTE: Notice that the Bulk Share column uses the display name of the bulk share instead of the sys_id. The record will not be created correctly if you use the sys_id of the bulk share.

Navigate to the u_psp_bulk_share_sys_id table in ServiceNow by typing "u_psp_bulk_share_sys_id.list" in the navigation bar and hit enter.

Right click the top of the table and click "Import"

You will be brought to the following screen where you will click "Choose File" and select the Excel sheet you made in step 1. Once you've selected the file, click Upload.

Click "Preview Imported Data"

Finally, click Complete Import and your u_psp_bulk_share_sys_id table will be populated with the records listed in the Excel spreadsheet

Now you can go back into the bulk share record and click the Execute Now button at the bottom of the form to bulk share out the specified records immediately. Alternatively, you can choose to run a bulk share at specified interval(s) by creating a scheduled bulk share.

For more information, contact Perspectium Support.