By default, bulk shares will order records by Sys ID (sys_id) when querying for records to share out. To send ServiceNow records in a different order, use the Order by field. You will be to able choose which field (i.e. Active, Sys ID, Updated) the records will be ordered by when sending the records. For instance, if you choose the the Created On field, the bulk share will send the records in an ascending order by the date and time when records were created in the system. 

(info) NOTE: In versions of the DataSync application prior to this field being available, the order used by bulk shares is the Sys ID (sys_id) field. This value is auto populated in the Order by field to maintain default functionality. 


To send records in a specific order, follow these steps:

Navigate to Bulk Share

In ServiceNow's left side navigation window, navigate to Perspectium > DataSync > Bulk Share or simply type and then click on Bulk Share.

Specify the field  

Click the Order By dropdown and select the field by which the records will be ordered when shared. 

Then, follow the rest of the steps in Create a ServiceNow bulk share