After completing the steps to upgrade Replicator for ServiceNow on your sharing instance, there are several points you may want to check to confirm that your instance was successfully upgraded. As a best practice, Perspectium recommends checking the points in the list below whenever you complete an upgrade on your sharing ServiceNow instance.

(info) NOTEIf you encountered any errors when previewing or committing your new Perspectium update set or when running the Finish Install scripts, contact Perspectium Support for assistance as soon as possible.

Points to check when upgrading a sharing ServiceNow instance

After finishing your upgrade, be sure to...

(tick) Check that your Perspectium Mesh (previously MBS) login information is saved properly in Perspectium properties

(tick)  Check that your encryption/decryption keys are saved in Perspectium Replicator properties

(tick)  Click Get Queue Status under Related Links for all dynamic shares and bulk shares to confirm connection to the Perspectium Mesh (previously MBS)

(tick)  Check that all dynamic shares are marked as Active

(tick)  Preview your bulk shares to confirm that they will run properly

Additionally, if you are using a Perspectium ServiceBond integration with ServiceNow, be sure to...

(tick)  Check that the encryption method for all dynamic shares and bulk shares is set to Base64 encode only

(tick)  Check that the correct table map is selected for your dynamic shares and bulk shares.

(tick)  Check that your dynamic shares and bulk shares have before share scripts. These scripts will vary based on which service integration you are using. 

For more information or to request an upgrade, contact Perspectium Support.