An on-prem to cloud ServiceNow migration involves syncing data from an on-premises ServiceNow instance with a cloud instance or vice-versa. Perspectium Replicator for ServiceNow is the recommended tool for completing an on-premises to cloud migration. To learn more about Replicator, see Replicator for ServiceNow.

Operating assumptions

A typical use case of syncing data from an on-premises instance to a cloud instance or vice-versa assumes:

  • Typical ServiceNow-to-ServiceNow replication rate is in the range of 200 records per second or 17 million records per 24 hours. This rate is affected by networking and instance resource.

  • Replication of data will occur over weekends and holidays, so day estimation includes these days.

  • Phase 2 catch up (delta) replication should not last more than a few hours and therefore should be calculated to be less than 1 million records based on cut-off date.

Planning for your migration

In advance of your on-prem to cloud migration, you will need to:

(tick)  Determine the scope of data to be migrated and the tables to be migrated

(tick)  Determine how to group your data for the migration

(info) NOTEA typical approach is to group tables that are transactional or non-transactional in nature. Transaction tables will consistently receive inserts, updates, and deletes. Some typical examples of transaction tables are the Incident and Task tables. Non-transaction (or foundation) tables contain data that is not frequently in flux. Some typical examples of non-transaction tables are the User, Location, and Catalog Item tables.

(tick)  Resolve and/or map any data structure differences between your source and target instances

(tick)  Determine an appropriate historical start date for the scope of data to be migrated

(tick)  Calculate a cut-off date for Phase 1 of the migration

(tick)  Determine schedule for group shares so that no conflicts with shares occur

Migration Phase 1

Objective  Replicate approximately 100 GB of data up to your calculated cut-off date

Duration  Approximately 1-15 days

For Phase 1 of your on-prem to cloud migration:

Install and validate Replicator for ServiceNow on your source instance

Install and validate Replicator for ServiceNow on your target instance

Create shared queues for data groups on your source instance with corresponding subscribe queues on the target instance

Create share (Perspectium MultiOutput Processing) jobs for each shared queue and create subscribe (Perspectium Replicator Subscriber) jobs for each subscribe queue. For more information, see Multiple MultiOutput Jobs and Multiple Subscriber Jobs.

Test group share approximately 1000 records to validate accuracy of data sync

Full group share of all records for migration

Test results of Migration Phase 1

Migration Phase 2

Objective  Replicate data from your Phase 1 cut-off date to current

Duration Approximately 1-2 days  (info) NOTEMultiple Phase 2 activities may need to be executed to achieve this duration.

For Phase 2 of your on-prem to cloud migration:

Configure Replicator settings to prepare for the migration

Full run delta replication to catch up data from cut-off date to current

Test results of Migration Phase 1, including a table compare between your source and target instances.

For more information or to request an on-prem to cloud migration for your organization, contact Perspectium Support.

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