Leverage DataSync for ServiceNow, formerly known as Replicator, to keep your ServiceNow production and sub-production instances in sync, so that you can develop and test your ITSM data without resorting to "all or nothing" cloning. DataSync for ServiceNow is an integration framework that facilitates real time as well as scheduled bulk sharing of predefined data among ServiceNow instances and agents that connect with databases and other applications.

Popular DataSync for ServiceNow topics:

Get started with the DataSync Agent

Install and configure Replicator Agent to manually share data from your ServiceNow instance to on-premises databases.

ServiceNow dynamic shares

Sync records from your source ServiceNow instance with your databases as records are created, updated, and/or deleted.

ServiceNow bulk shares

Sync records from your source ServiceNow instance with your databases as a pre-filtered range of data all at once.

ServiceNow messages & receipts

Check what data you're sharing out with outbound and inbound messages, and rest assured that your data has been properly synced to your databases by checking receipts in your ServiceNow instance.