The Save Perspectium properties in the sys_properties table option in Perspectium Properties lets you improve overall performance of your Perspectium integration by saving all properties related to your Perspectium integration to ServiceNow's System Property (sys_properties) table. By default, this option is disabled, and your Perspectium-related properties are saved in the Perspectium Properties table (u_psp_properties). If you enable this option and then make changes to your Perspectium properties, you can then copy those properties to the Perspectium Properties table by disabling this option again.

Note: Enabling this option will write all of Perspectium's application properties to ServiceNow's sys_properties table. The application will then use this table to access all of its properties, increasing the frequency of access to this table and its caching. Please disable this option if you run into issues.  


(warning) First, you will need to install Replicator for ServiceNow and run the Perspectium Finish Install scripts.


To save your Perspectium properties in ServiceNow's System Property (sys_properties) table, follow these steps:

Access Perspectium Properties

Log into your sharing ServiceNow instance and navigate to Perspectium > Control and Configuration > Properties.

Save Perspectium properties in the sys_properties table

Check the box labeled Save Perspectium properties in the sys_properties table. Then, scroll to the bottom of the form and click Save to save your changes. It may take 2-3 minutes for this change to be applied to your ServiceNow instance as the system saves all Perspectium properties over to the sys_properties and rebuilds the system cache.

(info) NOTE: If, after enabling this option, the u_psp_properties table is deleted, you can regenerate the u_psp_properties table by clicking PerspectiumControl and ConfigurationFinish InstallConfirm.

(info) NOTEIf enabling this option, be sure NOT to enter a value higher than 15000000 for the com.perspectium.output_bytes_limit property or a value higher than 8000 for the com.perspectium.output_row_limit property.