After committing any Perspectium update sets to your ServiceNow instance, the Finish Install scripts must be run in order for your Perspectium applications to function correctly. Finish Install will check if the Perspectium application is in the global scope, run jobs to install properties for the application, start running scheduled jobs, and reset dynamic share rules. By running the Finish Install script, you will not overwrite your current Perspectium properties. 

(info) NOTE: You should run the Finish Install script if you are installing Replicator for ServiceNow for the first time or upgrading your Replicator for ServiceNow version. The Finish Install scripts can also be run after committing multiple Perspectium update sets for ServiceNow.


To run the Finish Install scripts, follow these steps:

Log into ServiceNow

Log into your sharing ServiceNow instance and navigate to Perspectium > Control and Configuration > Finish Install.

Run the Finish Install scripts

At the bottom of the form, click Confirm to start running the Finish Install scripts.