To dynamic share only certain fields when your dynamic share is triggered, you can enable the Share only selected fields option under the Filter and Enrichment tab. Enabling this feature can be useful when you don't want to or don't have permission to create a view name.

(info) NOTE: Alternatively, you can enable the sharing of selected fields only for ALL ServiceNow dynamic shares in your instance by navigating to PerspectiumReplicatorProperties and checking the Share fields that belong to the selected table only option.


(warning) First, you will need to create a dynamic share.


To dynamic share only the fields that you specify, follow these steps:

Access your dynamic share

Log into your sharing ServiceNow instance and navigate to Perspectium > Replicator > Dynamic Share. Then, click into the dynamic share that you want to choose fields to share for.

Check Share only selected fields

Click the Filter and Enrichment tab. Then, check the Share only selected fields box.

Choose fields to dynamic share

Scroll down near the bottom of the form underneath the Related Links. Click the Share Fields tab. Then, click New. If using Google Chrome, a popup may appear indicating that you are leaving the form. If this popup appears, click Leave.

Choose the fields that you want to dynamic share out from the Field dropdown. Finally, click Submit.

Click Update

Near the bottom left-hand corner of the form (just above Related Links), click Update to save the changes to your dynamic share.