Custom Schema Properties for DataSync Agent enables you to customize the table names and column names in the target database. This feature allows you to specify custom prefixes or suffixes.

(info) NOTECustom names are customized at a global level for all tables that you select to use this feature for. You cannot specify different custom prefixes or suffixes for different tables.


(warning) First, you will need to either set up DataSync for ServiceNow manually or install the DataSync for ServiceNow app.

(warning) Second, you will need to have both the DataSync Agent and DataSync versions to be in Fluorine Plus and above. 

(warning) Lastly, to use DV tag suffix, you will need to check Enable Replicator to add display value fields (prefixed with 'dv_') for reference and choice fields. Navigate to Perspectium > Replicator > Properties.


To customize database schema's table names and column names, follow these steps:

Navigate to Dynamic Share or Bulk Share 

Log into your sharing ServiceNow instance and navigate to PerspectiumReplicator > Bulk Share or Dynamic Share 

(info) NOTEBulk share or dynamic share DOES NOT need to be set up first before setting up the custom schema properties. The custom schema properties will apply as long as it is set up BEFORE share starts. 

Enable the Use Custom Table Name and/or Use Custom Column Name options 

Check the Advanced box to access the custom schemas options. Then, check the Use Custom Table Name box and/or Use Custom Column Name.
By default, the _dv tag is added in front of the reference field name. To include the _dv tag after the reference field name, check the Change to DV Tag Suffix box.

(info) NOTEIf Change to DV Tag Suffix is already selected and display values are disabled, the previous value will be saved. The setting will be honored after display values are enabled.

Access the custom schema properties

Navigate to PerspectiumReplicatorCustom Schema Properties.

Enter the custom names

Include a maximum length for the table name in the Max Length field. The Max Length will include the lengths of the table names or column names, PrefixSuffix, and _dv tag. 

Type a word in the Prefix field to add in the front of table names or column names. Then, type a word in the Suffix field to add in the end of table names or column names. Both Prefix and Suffix words should follow the xml syntax rule. 

(info) NOTE

  • Once configuring custom table, the main table will always have the prefix. 
  • In MySQL, to avoid reaching the maximum row size, only customize column names for existing tables in the database.

(warning) WARNINGIf you send records with a custom name, the database will create new columns for the table. If you change this custom name property after the new columns have been created, the database will create a new column and show NULL in the previously created custom column for any records sent after you change the property.

Save your changes

Click Save Changes in the bottom of the form to save the changes to your custom schema properties.