Receipts are automatically generated in your Salesforce org for your SalesInsight integration. Receipts indicate the delivery status for records that have been shared from your ServiceNow instance to your Salesforce org, allowing you to quickly identify successfully synced records as well as any records that have not yet been synced. Receipt delivery statuses include:

  • Success Your records were synced successfully

  • Pending Your Salesforce org is still processing the records shared out from your ServiceNow instance

  • Error Your records were not synced successfully

(info) NOTE: By default, Salesforce receipts will be generated for every 1,000 ServiceNow messages. To change this value, see change Salesforce receipt Batch Ack Size and Batch Error size.


(warning) First, you will need to follow the steps to get started with your SalesInsight integration for ServiceNow incidents and Salesforce cases.


To view the receipts generated in your Salesforce org for data being shared out by ServiceNow, follow these steps:

Log into your Salesforce organization and click theicon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Then, click the Perspectium Replicator app.

In the navigation bar near the top of the screen, click Receipts. Then, on the resulting page, click into the receipt that you want to view. Note that the receipt's delivery status will be listed as the value in the Batch Type field for the receipt.

(info) NOTE: Keep in mind that receipts generated within Salesforce are receipts for data coming into Salesforce (inbound data). To view information for receipts for data coming out of ServiceNow (outbound data), see ServiceNow messages & receipts.