Release Notes 

DataSync for ServiceNow

Date ReleasedReleaseChangeProduct(s) Affected
March 10, 2021Bismuth patch1 hotfix3

Enhancement: Added the number of messages contained in the payload to the header for messages that are being sent from ServiceNow to the Perspectium Integration Mesh. 

December 10, 2020Dubnium patch1 hofix2

Bug Fix:  Fixed an issue where certain records are not being sent out correctly form ServiceNow.

June 26, 2020Carbon hotfix4

Enhancement: Added message count header to retrieve message counts posted using DataSync File Solution. 

May 4, 2020Europium patch1 hotfix5

Enhancement: Minimized unnecessary debug logging statements 

November 22, 2019Bismuth_3.31 patch2 hotfix1

Enhancement: Security enhancements for field validation and ACLs 

November 18, 2019Europium patch1 hotfix4

Bug Fix: Fixed an issue for outbound messages being created with an empty value when an error occurs while accessing a field. 

November 1, 2019Europium hotfix3

Enhancement: Better exception handling of parsing fields in outbound xml record. 

October 21, 2019Europium patch1 hotfix3

Enhancement: Better exception handling of parsing fields in outbound xml record. 

October 21, 2019Europium hotfix2

Bug Fix: Fixes an issue where Conditional Shares were not querying the domain field correctly in domain separated instances 

September 30, 2019Europium patch1 hotfix2

Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Delete on Class Change was not being honored when select column updates to share on/ignore is set 

September 27, 2019Europium hotfix1

Enhancement: Enhanced performance issue when using conditional shares 

September 20, 2019Bismuth_3.31 patch2

Enhancement: Security enhancements for field sanitization and ACL privileges 

April 18, 2019Europium patch1 hotfix1enhancement: Optimized the initialization of the encryption module when subscribing.Core
January 23, 2019Europium patch1 (4.4.1)fixed: The UI Action Execute Now in the Scheduled Jobs table can now be properly accessed for users with specific rolesCore
fixed: SIAM integrations will now honor the correct encryption method after toggling from base64 to other configured encryptions for table mapCore
fixed: Multiple conditional shares set up within a dynamic share will now properly be shared out with the proper configurationsCore
November 29, 2018Europium (4.4.0)new feature: Group shares feature allows for the creation of bulk and dynamic shares for a group of tables as well as the creation of custom grouped table templatesCore
new feature: A notification message will now appear indicating that individual configuration changes made to bulk/dynamic shares and table compare records will not affect other configurations for the associated group shareCore
new feature: Bulk shares can now be executed via scripting with the executeNow() methodCore
new feature: For domain-separated ServiceNow instances, dynamic shares can now be executed within a specified domainReplicator
new feature: perspectium_readonly role added so that a read-only role access can be granted for the Perspectium applicationReplicator
new feature: Load test option is now available for Shared Queues which creates a load test queue that can be monitored to gauge the impact and duration of shares on an instanceCore
new feature: Historical data can now be dynamic shared out for journal fieldsaudit logs, and attachmentsCore
removed: Database Views module has been removedCore
enhancement: The order in which individual bulk shares run within a scheduled bulk share can now be modifiedCore
enhancement: Improved efficiency for fetching Perspectium Properties when running sharesCore
enhancement: Improved performance of bulk shares without filter conditions by removing processing for a Perspectium feature that is no longer supportedCore
enhancement: AES-256 encryption can now be configured for dynamic shares and bulk sharesCore
enhancement: no_audit_delete attribute added to Inbound and Outbound Message tables to alleviate performance issues when deleting large volumes of message table dataCore
enhancement: Errors will now be logged in Perspectium Logs with details about shared records and corresponding fields that exceed ServiceNow's message size limitsReplicator
enhancement: An error popup message will appear when bulk shares or conditional shares are created without filter conditionsReplicator
enhancement: Replicator performance has been optimized when the Get Display Values box is checked in Perspectium PropertiesReplicator
fixed: Checking the Get Display Values box within the Table Maps module will now update the Source Script with the appropriate Source FieldCore
fixed: The Table Maps module's Source Script box will now be read-only when the Get Display Value box is checked, editable when the Use Script box is checked, and hidden when neither box is checkedCore
fixed: The Reset Dynamic Share Rules module will now successfully reset the business rule created by the dynamic share with respect to multiple domainsCore
fixed: AES-128 and AES-256 ciphers will now properly encrypt ServiceNow-supported multibyte charactersCore
fixed: Table field map scripts can now be properly displayed in form viewCore
fixed: Dynamic share's Scheduled Sync Up no longer rebuilds Business Rules at each intervalCore
fixed: Google Chrome password manager will no longer appear when Perspectium Properties is accessed prior to running the Finish Install scriptsCore
fixed: Special characters can no longer be entered in the Source Field for table field mapsCore
fixed: Receipt processing can now be properly disabledCore
fixed: Shared/subscribed queue record encryption keys with AES-128/AES-256 ciphers will now be honored over encryption keys entered in Perspectium Replicator PropertiesReplicator
fixed: Shared queues created with Ready to Run will now contain the record encryption key in form and XML viewsReplicator
fixed: Schema will now be properly generated for table maps in ServiceNow Kingston and newer when table maps have source fields dot walking to a reference record's fieldsReplicator
fixed: Boolean and number source script values for JSON table field maps will now be converted to stringsReplicator
fixed: Ready to Run Create Share form will now properly validate the format of the MBS Server URL (http://... or https://...)Replicator
December 30, 2018Dubnium patch2fixed: Dynamic share's Scheduled Sync Up no longer rebuilds Business Rules at each intervalCore
fixed: Audit Delete Listener Business Rule is now created properlyCore
November 13, 2018Dubnium patch1 hotfix1fixed: disabling receipts in the psp properties table correctly turn off receiptsReplicator
September 7, 2018Dubnium patch1enhancement: require Source Table field be populated on outbound table map formReplicator
enhancement: parent field referencing table map set to read only on field map formReplicator
fixed: data cleaners now delete only old messages from Replicator message tablesCore
fixed: records not being shared with old queues created that do not have the instance created on fieldReplicator
fixed: Source Script field on field map form being hidden incorrectly when Use Script is selectedReplicator
August 23, 2018Dubnium (4.2.0)

feature: added “Masking Type” and “Masking Character” fields under PSP Data Obfuscation so that masking statements can be added for obfuscated dataReplicator
feature: added configurations for Data Guarantee feature so that acknowledgment and error message batch sizes can be customizedReplicator
feature: added Include Referenced Field Records for Bulk Shares to select reference columns on the base table and share out the respective referenced recordsReplicator
feature: added an after subscribe script to run after a record has been subscribed with an insert, update, or deleteReplicator
feature: added “Test With” field and “Test Record” button to validate if a Dynamic Share record will be shared out.Replicator
feature: added “View Business Rules Before This Share” link to help users determine which business rules might impact a dynamic share with respect to the order of executionReplicator
feature: added the ability for users to now filter off company and domain in Conditional Shares and improved Conditional Share performanceReplicator
enhancement: enhancement: improved performance of all Perspectium data cleaners to take advantage of ServiceNow table cleaning apiCore
enhancement: added Share Pending Attachments checkbox to Share out attachments which were uploaded prior to a record fulfilling the Dynamic Share filter conditionsReplicator
enhancement: display a warning message when creating a Bulk Share when a table map is selected that does not have generate schemas option selected and the target queue is not a SIAM queueReplicator
enhancement: Records Processed in Bulk Shares now updates total number of records shared per table every 1000 records instead of just at the endReplicator
enhancement: enhancement: added a Force to Update Set action (Related Link) to Bulk Shares, Scheduled Bulk Shares, Dynamic Shares, and Queues as an option to transfer Share configurations between instancesReplicator
enhancement: added option to enable debug logging for an individual Bulk Share or Dynamic ShareReplicator
enhancement: enhancement: added access to the Subscribe record in the Before Subscribe Script through the global variable “subscribe_gr”Replicator
enhancement: modified Replicator Configurations Client Scripts to improve load time on formsReplicator
enhancement: ready to run module now provides configuration type option to choose between creating share configuration and downloading agent zip fileReplicator
enhancement: enhancement: Shared Queues now retain the “Instance Created On” to prevent sharing messages against this queue to prevent unexpectedly sharing data to the wrong queue from a cloned instanceReplicator
enhancement: Comparison data in Table Compare feature now respects shares with conditionsReplicator
enhancement: Receipts will now alert the sending instance in the case of the record not being properly mapped/processedReplicator
enhancement: enhancement: Situations and Situations Templates are now available to use in the core Replicator Update Set to aggregate Perspectium alerts to improve visibility and notificationsReplicator
enhancement: condition is no longer a mandatory field for conditional shares, making it easier for users to target Table Map, Domain, or CompanyReplicator
enhancement: enhancement: Table Map logs now include the Table Map's name and sys id, to improve troubleshooting table mapsReplicator
enhancement: task name field has been added in Ready to Run for creation of custom names for multiple agentsReplicator
enhancement: Message Performance Stats now also show total processing time for each table.Replicator
enhancement: Instance Created On field added to the Perspectium Properties to prevent properties from being duplicated when cloning an instance.Replicator
fixed: stopped auditing the deletion of sent Outbound Messages when using the option to delete messages immediately after they are posted to MBSCore
fixed: using Scheduled Sync Up for a table that doesn’t have the column [sys_updated_on] will now default to [sys_created_on] rather than sharing the whole table, if neither exist it will just abort the Sync Up processCore
fixed: Dynamic Share interactions (updating/deleting/creating Business Rules/Audit Listeners, Reset Dynamic Share module) are now domain-agnostic to prevent creating duplicate Business Rules. The Business Rules will still be created and applied in the current domain of your session.Core
fixed: changed the access controls for the u_psp_conditional_share table to be for the role perspectium and not for u_psp_conditional_share_user, and removed this unnecessary role from the Update SetCore
fixed: created a query to exclude labels with ampersands; the Ready to Run page will now load without any text escape errorsCore
fixed: Updated “Test Connection” module to no longer test connections against depreciated features like the datasources servletsCore
fixed: going back to shared queue from view history now shows monitor sectionCore
fixed: jobs to Dynamically Share related records (Journal Fields, Audit, Attachments) asynchronously given job label names instead of defaulting to “Schedule”Replicator
fixed: encryption keys under 24 characters on the Perspectium Replicator Properties, Shared Queues, and Subscribed Queues forms will no longer be saved and the page will display an alert describing the errorReplicator
fixed: deleting records in the messages tables will no longer display an unnecessary errorReplicator
fixed: display info message for default Subscribe queue now shows only for default queueReplicator
fixed: ready to run database type in agent.xml updated to proper name (sqlserver) for mssqlReplicator
fixed: removed nonexistent “Run As” users from all Perspectium scheduled jobsReplicator
Oct 29, 2018Carbon patch3 (4.0.3)

fixed: Table compares can no longer be run on records with empty Value fields.Replicator
fixed: Outbound messages now being created correctly for conditional bulk shares with domain filtersReplicator
fixed: Duplicate records no longer created when running Dynamic Shares for multiple domains within the same instanceReplicator
fixed: sys_audit_delete records no longer being created when the Delete immediately option is selected for Outbound MessagesReplicator
fixed: Scheduled Sync Up no longer syncing all table data when sys_updated_on and sys_created_on fields are emptyReplicator
June 19, 2018Carbon patch2 (4.0.2)

fixed: audit delete listener business rules not being updated/deleted properly when dynamic share updatedReplicator
June 8, 2018Carbon patch1 (4.0.1)

feature: bulk shares support conditional sharing including sharing records based on domainReplicator
May 18, 2018Carbon (4.0.0)

feature: added the ability to delete the "orphaned" records when changing the class of a recordCore
enhancement: optimized how we limit messages in outbound tables to improve throughput and decrease load on the databaseCore
enhancement: enabled table maps for sharing records in additional settings in dynamic shareReplicator
enhancement: support for 'Before Subscribe Script' to run with records processed using inbound table mapsReplicator
enhancement: include new global psp_key in 'Before Share Script' to allow custom outbound message key fieldsReplicator
enhancement: Added the ability to “Copy Transform Map" on any out-of-box Perspectium Transform Map, to provide better protections against upgradingReplicator
fixed: Logic for Dynamic Sharing based on specific field changes will no longer apply to inserting or deleting recordsReplicator
fixed: modifications to “current” in a “Before Share Script” on a Dynamic Share with Business Rule When set to “before”, will no longer modify the resulting record in ServiceNowReplicator
fixed: Bulk Sharing with “Include Child Table Only” no longer failing when encountering a record with a corrupt/invalid classReplicator
fixed: special characters like tab (\t), double quotes and single quotes not encrypted/decrypted properly when using AES128Replicator
September 20, 2019Bismuth patch2(3.31.2)enhancement: upgrade security with field sanitizing and ACL updatesReplicator
April 27, 2018Bismuth(3.31.1)

feature: data obfuscation support for masking data in shared recordsReplicator
fixed: default subscribed queue not created on first time install of Perspectium update set on an instanceReplicator
fixed: dynamic share configures correctly on Ready to Run formReplicator
April 1, 2018Bismuth (3.31.0)

feature: added "Share only updated fields" options to Dynamic Share, allowing users to share only updated fields in a record as well as choose an ID field other than sys_idReplicator
feature: user can limit the number of audit records bulk shared with each record of the shared tableReplicator
feature: added name field in Dynamic Share to help organize sharesReplicator
feature: access to table map record in use scriptReplicator
feature: Preview functionality added into Outbound Table Map to see expected Outbound Message per recordReplicator
enhancement: added "Allow Concurrent Jobs" field to Scheduled Bulk SharesReplicator
enhancement: updated message when user selects “Get Queue Status” on a shared or subscribed queue which does not yet existReplicator
enhancement: added error message if user did not set encryption key for when trying to create Dynamic or Bulk shareReplicator
enhancement: moved UI Page module from Observer to Control and ConfigurationReplicator
enhancement: reorganized Bulk Share formReplicator
enhancement: improved measures to prevent user from editing default subscribe queue fieldsReplicator
enhancement: added platform version to heartbeat messageCore
enhancement: Uninstall Update Set to remove Perspectium application from an instanceUninstall
fixed: outbound attachment and audit messages will not be sent if target queue is inactiveReplicator
fixed: outbound messages with value fields too large to send to MBS not being marked as errorReplicator
fixed: removed use of Packages call for refreshing history setReplicator
fixed: show create, update, delete as required on subscribe configurationsReplicator
fixed: have Dynamic Share show right popup message when it is being configuredReplicator
fixed: run a bulk share on dynamic share handles sharing base table only and include all child tablesReplicator
fixed: NaN (Not-A-Number) will be replaced by 0 when previewing an empty bulk share with additional tablesReplicator
fixed: Source column of Outbound Message is now populated to reference share configurationReplicator
fixed: “Error Notification” module now links to Notification table [sysevent_email_action] instead of the Alert [u_psp_alerts] tableReplicator
fixed: enable max outbound messages security now checks only once per regular outbound messageReplicator
fixed: Updated formatting of “Performance Stats” logs to improve readability and performanceReplicator
fixed: Handling to append ”/“ to endpoint URL is fixed during Subscribe processingReplicator
fixed: Schema Processor returning improper schemas under certain configurationsReplicator
fixed: “Base Table Only” and “Include All Child Table Only” Dynamic Sharing for records which do not exist yet or no longer exist due to order of executionReplicator
fixed: Bulk Sharing for all child tables failing when a record was deleted mid bulk shareReplicator
February 8, 2018Bismuth (3.30.0)

feature: ability to copy a table map and its field maps in one stepReplicator
enhancement: added a job which monitors the status of the Dynamic Share's Scheduled Sync Up in case it gets stuck and automatically addresses itReplicator
enhancement: disable auditing on data cleaner job to optimize performanceCore
enhancement: “unencrypted” encryption mode has been removed from properties and is now available as a Cipher option for Dynamic and Bulk SharesReplicator
enhancement: database indexes added to Audit and Attachment Outbound Messages tablesReplicator
enhancement: added sequence to list view of outbound tables to provide more accurate way to view message created orderReplicator
enhancement: modified filter of Replicator's “Scheduled Jobs” module to support listing multiple multioutput jobsReplicator
feature: specify node for bulk share to run onReplicator
fixed: multibyte encryption not properly encrypting foreign characters when using AES128Replicator
fixed: errors when handling messages in the Observer, Audit, and Attachment Outbound Table in Jakarta InstancesReplicator
fixed: encryption of Audit and Attachment Outbound Messages when the Shared Queue has a unique encryption key definedReplicator
fixed: unable to read replicator messages shared by Replicator Agent from OracleReplicator
fixed: unable to submit a new dynamic share with only “update” selectedReplicator
fixed: unable to update records in tables that have sys_class_path field on Jakarta+ domain-separated instancesReplicator
fixed: default subscribed queues are editable if the user edits the endpoint urlReplicator
fixed: error message displayed when doing get queue status on default subscribed queueReplicator
fixed: outbound messages with the wrong key are marked as skipped so they won't be re-processedReplicator
fixed: “Properties Saved” message doesn't always display when successfully saving propertiesCore
December 21, 20173.29.0feature: tour of the ServiceNow applicationReplicator
feature: Sharing on specific field changes - users can activate the checkbox “Select column updates to share on” to share a record only when one of any number of chosen fields are updated.Replicator
feature: Restrict shared fields on referenced field records - users can configure which reference fields records to be dynamically sharedReplicator
feature: ability to download schemas for tables that have been sharedCore
feature: ability to download replicator configurationsCore
enhancement: deletion of deprecated jobs, those which start with XPerspectium or XXPerspectium in Observer, following the installationCore
enhancement: honor when the Dynamic Share's Before Share Script ignores record with respect to dynamic sharing of attachmentsReplicator
enhancement: access to the executing dynamic share configuration in its after share scriptReplicator
enhancement: show “Base64 Encode Only” option in bulk share cipher optionReplicator
enhancement: Replicator > Business Rules module filters on Name starts with “Perspectium” instead of “Perspectium Replicat”Replicator
enhancement: can now set the target queue of a share to an inactive queue, a warning will be displayed when this is doneReplicator
enhancement: Receipts will now notify if they have not been received within a certain defined period.Receipts
enhancement: added confirmation pages for Finish Install, Start All Jobs, and Stop All Jobs modulesReplicator
fixed: the count for Shared Records in dynamic share will now update every 5 minutes to honor asynchronous Dynamic SharingReplicator
fixed: disallowed negative numbers in specific properties page inputsCore
fixed: subscribed queues no longer allow empty names or URLsReplicator
fixed: replication of unencrypted data not correctly processing in outbound.Replicator
fixed: UI actions “Run another bulk share like this” and “Execute Again” action names have been changed to “run_another_bs” and “execute_bs_again” to prevent duplicate UI action namingReplicator
fixed: AES Encryption will now properly encrypt with the correct cipher.Replicator
fixed: handling for JavaLangException thrown when Refresh History Set is enabled and Auditing is disabled for target table.Replicator
fixed: when creating a new target queue via the Bulk or Dynamic share form, it now defaults the queue direction to “Share” instead of “Subscribe”.Replicator
October 25, 20173.28.0enhancement: bulk share monitoring long running bulk shares are now tracked and logged when they exceed 12 hours (threshold can be modified)Replicator
fixed: added error handling for null characters appended to fields in a tableReplicator
fixed: dynamic shares will now only update the updated by field when a user makes changes on the dynamic share record itselfReplicator
fixed: include attachments on a dynamic share will share attachments out to conditional sharesReplicator
feature: add all source table fields option on outbound table mapsReplicator
enhancement: don't display reset dynamic share rule message or related list link on an inactive dynamic shareReplicator
March 30, 2018Argon patch3
Includes fixes from Argon hotfix2
fixed: unable to update records in tables that have sys_class_path field on Jakarta+ domain-separated instancesReplicator
fixed: journal field entries not displaying on records in pre-Kingston instances when replicated from Kingston+ instancesReplicator
February 6, 2018Argon hotfix2
Must be applied on top of Argon patch2
fixed: unable to update records in tables that have sys_class_path field on Jakarta+ domain-separated instancesReplicator
fixed: journal field entries not displaying on records in pre-Kingston instances when replicated from Kingston+ instancesReplicator
January 11, 2018Argon hotfix1fixed: unable to read replicator messages shared by Replicator Agent from OracleReplicator
January 17, 2018Argon patch2fixed: attachments and audit records not properly encrypted for target queues with unique encryption keysReplicator
fixed: messages routing through Perspectium Outbound not properly posted out under Jakarta Memory IssueReplicator
October 17, 2017Argon patch1fixed: shareRecord error invalid table name u_psp_siam_auditReplicator
October 5, 2017Argon (3.27.0)enhancement: warn when saving a dynamic share in a domain that is neither global nor topReplicator
enhancement: default display values to falseReplicator
enhancement: optimized performance of outbound replication when using share only selected fields featureReplicator
fixed: added a parameter so Dynamic Shares will no longer run when the record transaction came in through Subscribing - this is the new default behavior to prevent looping between instancesReplicator
fixed: JSON table maps error when creating outbound message when record contains ' characterReplicator
fixed: ignore update fields feature not properly ignoring changesReplicator
fixed: default message set outbound processing to falseReplicator
September 1, 20173.26.0enhancement: replicator messages with XML will be better formatted for viewing when selecting “Decrypt Value”Core
enhancement: prompt before running a bulk share from a dynamic shareReplicator
enhancement: update endpoint url to httpsReplicator
feature: Alerts table module added under Control and ConfigurationReplicator
enhancement: Include journal fields will be grayed out when user selects business rule when to before on Dynamic ShareReplicator
enhancement: Schedule Sync up will send out two counter records for each sync up job on a table in Dynamic Share, one record for total record count and one for total bytes countReplicator
enhancement: When toggled on and off scheduled sync up on Dynamic Share will display last sync time and next sync time to users via a dialog messageReplicator
feature: Bulk share history will calculate and display records per secondReplicator
August 11, 20173.25.0feature: custom target database schemaReplicator
feature: Instance Created On Field added to subscribed queues as a protection against mis-cloned queuesReplicator
feature: The ability to delete messages from the Outbound queue as soon as they are posted to MBSReplicator
enhancement: target field is now mandatory in table map field, when “use script” is false, source field is also mandatoryReplicator
enhancement: changed the Bulk Share Preview sample size from 10 to 50 to provide a more accurate samplingReplicator
enhancement: when share updates since then is checked in Bulk Share, it will prompt users to verify a bulk share with a large number of recordsReplicator
enhancement: audit records are now processed into their own outbound queue and can be sent at a lower priority.Replicator
enhancement: preview now considers and runs before share script if script is filled.Replicator
enhancement: notes tab added to both dynamic and bulk share.Replicator
enhancement: new Table maps will now also subscribe to a table if subscription does not already exist for that given tableReplicator
enhancement: added a property to data cleaner to delete records individually for less impact on the instanceCore
enhancement: dynamic Share “share base table” and “include child tables” displays help messageReplicator
enhancement: bulk Share “include all child tables” displays help messageReplicator
enhancement: added the ability to track the history of a queue's count through the queue monitoring utilityReplicator
fixed: execute again will prompt when share updates since then is selectedReplicator
fixed: Scheduled Sync Up modified to support “Include All Child Tables”Replicator
fixed: canceling a bulk share while state is Running now proceeds to Cancelled stateReplicator
fixed: process again within inbound messages now properly marks messages as skippedReplicator
feature: Multi Team Administration added to enable the use of multi team administration groupsReplicator
July 19 2017


feature: added “Delete error messages” button on the Outbound Messages table.Replicator
fixed: messages routed through a JSON Table Map will now properly decrypt when selecting “Decrypt Value”Core
fixed: addressed issue where database IO timeout can prevent Schedule Sync Up from re-schedulingCore
enhancement: attachments are now processed in their own outbound queue and can be sent at a lower priority.Replicator
enhancement: properties page can be saved without a decryption key.Replicator
feature: the user can no longer purge a queue containing more than 1 million records.Replicator
enhancement: encode json messages and attributes fields to prevent MBS decoding issues.Core
enhancement: dynamic share includes the option to share all child tables.Replicator
enhancement: ability to delete cancelled bulk sharesReplicator
feature: share display values for duration fieldsReplicator
feature: optimized performance by using GlideRecord.get('sys_id', value) in refresh history setReplicator
feature: distribute bulk share workloadReplicator
fixed: attachments added before record inserted sharing out to all dynamic shares and bypassing any conditionsReplicator
feature: ability to define alert and warning thresholds for queue connectivity issues and backlog of records to monitor queuesCore
feature: after share script in dynamic sharesReplicator
fixed: added handling for Refresh History Set on tables which throw exceptionsReplicator
feature: run a bulk share in dynamic sharesReplicator
enhancement: added a table for users to see replicator performance statsReplicator
fixed: values from subscribed SalesForce messages were blank when no cipher attribute or going into inbound table mapsReplicator
enhancement: don't rename finish install module after install to avoid confusion when running on next update set installCore
feature: users can select column updates that will be ignored by dynamic shareCore
feature: table to compare record counts between database and servicenow instance countsCore
enhancement: include update_synch attribute for u_psp_table_map and u_psp_table_field_map tables to allow saving changes for table maps and take new SIAM updatesCore
enhancement: require at least one action (create, insert, delete or activate sync) when saving a dynamic share or subscribe configurationReplicator
enhancement: “Reset Dynamic Share Rules” module will reset Delete Audit ListenersReplicator
feature: added the ability to pass in encoded queries into MultiOutput Processing to specify a subset of messages to send, allowing the use of multiple posting jobsReplicator
feature: display total records processed by a bulk shareReplicator
feature: a specific user can now be set to run a schedule sync up dynamic shareReplicator
fixed: Scheduled Sync Up now honors the sharing the child vs base tableReplicator
fixed: error instantiating PerspectiumBulkShare with psp_bulk_share GlideRecordReplicator
fixed: deleting a Dynamic Share will now delete the Delete Audit Listener Business Rule as necessaryReplicator
fixed: “Delete Monitor Messages” button on the Outbound Messages table modified to “Delete Non Replicator Messages”Replicator
fixed: Handling for the column “u_limit_number_of_records_shared” when the column name is truncatedReplicator
October 25th 20173.21.3enhancement: honor before share script ignore for dynamic sharing of attachmentsReplicator
fixed: disabled message set outbound processing to prevent jakarta memory issuesReplicator
June 15th 20173.21.2fixed: attachments not sharing out on dynamic shares with conditionsReplicator
fixed: added handling for Refresh History Set on tables which throw exceptionsReplicator
May 22nd 20173.21.1fixed: PerspectiumMessage script include moved back to the core update setCore
May 11th 20173.21.0feature: set bulk share's scheduled job priorityReplicator
enhancement: PSPSchemaProcessor supports returning output as a stringReplicator
enhancement: moved finish install to its own script includeCore
enhancement: improved performance of Bulk Share's “Include All Child Tables”Replicator
fixed: stopped GlideDuration and GlideDateTime columns being nulled out when incoming payload does not contain those columnsReplicator
fixed: stopped the creation of blank journal field entries when copy empty fields selectedReplicator
April 18th 20173.20.0enhancement: added the ability to run a before subscribe script before the processing of a deleteReplicator
enhancement: when deleting a Shared Queue warn the user of any existing messages which would get deleted due to cascade delete rulesReplicator
fixed: duplicate sys_audit_delete business rules being created when selecting use audit delete listener on dynamic shareReplicator
fixed: replicator inbound processor scheduled job set inactiveReplicator
enhancement: refresh history set will run as one scheduled job instead of one job for each refreshReplicator
fixed: Scheduled Sync Up to stop spawning duplicate jobs if the Scheduler does not launch the first one in timeReplicator
fixed: hide the reset dynamic share rules UI Action on subscribe configurationsReplicator
fixed: removed update_synch attribute from psp_replicate_conf, u_psp_table_map and u_psp_dynamic_share_referenced tablesCore
feature: ability to set conditions for a dynamic share to share records, using different table maps, to different target queues by using conditional sharesReplicator
enhancement: removed unused “instance” field from queue formsReplicator
March 27th 20173.19.0enhancement: clearer scheduled sync up info messages to avoid user confusion when activated/deactivatedReplicator
enhancement: check outbound table is indexed and display message if not in finish install and bulk share previewReplicator
fixed: output processing of default queues not querying correctlyCore
enhancement: default refresh history set option to not selected when creating a new subscribe configurationReplicator
feature: purge queue for shared and subscribed queuesReplicator
feature: users can enable a prompt to appear before a large bulkReplicator
feature: include recommended indexesReplicator
enhancement: users can share sys_audit records without selecting sys_journal records with their parent tableReplicator
enhancement: share and subscribe queues default to queue definitions from Perspectium PropertiesReplicator
enhancement: scheduled bulk shares now keep track of previous executions using the related list Bulk Share HistoryReplicator
enhancement: default subscribe queue is now visible as non-configurable queue in the Subscribed Queues listReplicator
enhancement: log error and prevent resolved table map fields with data larger than ServiceNow 16mb string limitReplicator
enhancement: left align properties UI page's headerCore
enhancement: include u_psp_alert and u_psp_imp_alert tables in update set to prevent logging errorsCore
fixed: modified how the conditions of the Dynamic Share's Business Rule are created to account for recursive Business Rule execution and avoid the error message popupReplicator
February 16th 20173.18.0enhancement: display if queue doesn't exist when checking queue statusReplicator
feature: display queue statuses on replicator overview homepageReplicator
fixed: incorrect preview count for bulk share when sharing by sys idsReplicator
fixed: display values for choice list fields have incorrect max lengthReplicator
enhancement: display properties page using jQuery instead of Jelly to avoid compatibility issues with some instancesCore
enhancement: updated read/write roles for homepage to be perspectium userReplicator
enhancement: acl update set created for read roles for Perspectium UI pages to be perspectium userCore
February 7th 20173.17.2fixed: Perspectium tables created with empty labels on Geneva+ instances during first time installCore
January 27th 20173.17.1fixed: removed queues module and duplicate entries in update set causing errors when upgradingCore
January 20th 20173.17.0enhancement: check parent global object is accessible in delete this share's messagesReplicator
enhancement: check bulk share exists before updating records processed to prevent inserting new bulk share recordsReplicator
enhancement: prevent deleting of bulk share configurations unless status is empty or completed so new bulk share records are not inserted on updateReplicator
fixed: attachments not sharing out on dynamic shares with conditionsReplicator
feature: replicator overview homepageReplicator
feature: users can limit number of records shared on a bulk shareReplicator
fixed: no longer able to publish to the default subscribe queueReplicator
June 13th 20173.16.3fixed: attachments added before record inserted sharing out to all dynamic shares and bypassing any conditionsReplicator
February 1st 20173.16.2fixed: attachments not sharing out on dynamic shares with conditionsReplicator
January 27th 20173.16.1fixed: removed u_psp_alerts.u_value and duplicate entries in update set causing errors when upgradingCore
December 14th 20163.16.0enhancement: all Perspectium properties stored in custom Perspectium properties table and not system properties tableCore
enhancement: replicator properties moved to its own properties pageReplicator
enhancement: data cleaner job now only deletes outbound messages older than 15 minutesCore
enhancement: script fields modified to field type script which accepts JavaScript code input for easier editing, syntax checking, and formattingReplicator
feature: finish install module to finish installing update setCore
feature: added ability to “Run another bulk share like this” on bulk shares that have already been completedReplicator
feature: added ability to “Execute Again” on bulk shares that have already been completedReplicator
fixed: dynamic share records as “.bulk” when business rule when set to asyncReplicator
enhancement: dynamic share displays a warning message at the top of the form when business rule when set to asyncReplicator
feature: property to limit number of messages put into outboundCore
feature: display update set version number on properties pageCore
removed zero configurationCore
enhancement: ability to create multiple dynamic shares on the same table and queueReplicator
feature: multiple queues cannot have matching names and endpoint urlsReplicator
enhancement: check and warn if application is not in global scope in finish installCore
enhancement: access the inbound message in subscribe's condition script using “qcurrent”Replicator
feature: run bulk shares and scheduled bulk shares relative to a previous shareReplicator
enhancement: message set messages placed into outbound queue instead of directly sending to MBSReplicator
February 1st 20173.15.1fixed: attachments not sharing out on dynamic shares with conditionsReplicator
October 28th 20163.15.0fixed: removed “delete” ui actions that may cause conflicts as noted in ServiceNow's ACE reportCore
feature: “add all referenced fields” option on dynamic share when "Include referenced field records" is selectedReplicator
enhancement: updated list of Perspectium tables in the clone exclusion listReplicator
feature: observer disabled by default and installs with its own update setObserver
enhancement: shares now display a message at the top of the form if there are no log or outbound messagesReplicator
fixed: wrong display value when choice field is dependent on another fieldReplicator
fixed: attachments not replicating when attached before new record submittedReplicator
enhancement: prevent duplicate share fields from being selectedReplicator
enhancement: ability to filter records on subscribe using a before subscribe scriptReplicator
fixed: make business rule order mandatory on saving dynamic share configs to avoid errors creating/updating share business rulesReplicator
fixed: saving a bulk share redirects to bulk share preview pageReplicator
fixed: Replicator Configurations default to 'share' now to fix issue with creating Shares in related listsReplicator
fixed: now able to add referenced fields to different dynamic shares of the same table nameReplicator
September 30th 20163.14.0fixed: use audit delete listener not sharing deleted records for child tables of a base table dynamic shareReplicator
enhancement: delete this share messages option for delete a bulk/dynamic share's messages in the outbound queueReplicator
fixed: display of related lists for share only selected fields for dynamic shareReplicator
fixed: “Update or Insert” button sets the fields “Update” and “Create” to true and read-onlyReplicator
enhancement: Component types in message set activity now use a more understandable labelReplicator
feature: "Run as" option in bulk sharesReplicator
fixed: NullPointerException when refresh history set selected for tables that do not need itReplicator
enhancement: “Create a new bulk share like this one” option will copy fields specified in share fields over to new bulk shareReplicator
feature: bulk share previewReplicator
September 2nd 20163.13.0feature: specify table fields to share for a dynamic or bulk shareReplicator
enhancement: log url on outbound message processing errorsCore
enhancement: message set activity no longer loads on form load to decrease load time and clicking “View message set activity” now loads in a pop up windowReplicator
fixed: ServiceNow subscribers not receiving journal fields when shared records from another ServiceNow instance were sent with business rule whenReplicator
fixed: inactive fields are not shared when sharing display values is activeReplicator
enhancement: option added to test connection and shared/subscribed queues to test queue connection and get number of messages in queueReplicator
enhancement: turned on auditing by default for psp_replicate_conf (share/subscribe configurations) and u_psp_queues (shared/subscribed queues) tablesCore
feature: troubleshooting report to send SupportCore
August 15th 20163.12.0fixed: access issues on system event and script tables (such as sysevent_email_action ) for other users when installing the update setCore
fixed: copy empty fields clears out a table field in the subscribing instance when incoming record does not contain the fieldReplicator
feature: Perspectium update set version number saved for supportCore
enhancement: copy empty fields selected by default when creating a new subscribe configurationReplicator
July 15th 20163.11.0

This version will no longer share audit log records by default when selecting the include journal fields option as you will need to manually select “Include audit log” to share these records. See here for more info

fixed: bulk sharing database views only sharing 1001 recordsReplicator
enhancement: separate include audit log option when selecting to include journal fieldsReplicator
enhancement: during Dynamic Share, limit the number of journal entries and audit log entries that get shared. See here for detailReplicator
enhancement: enable dynamically shared journal field records to be shared in background to mitigate performance of insert/updatesReplicator
fixed: unable to receive records when the table specified in source table name doesn't exist and there is a before subscribe scriptReplicator
fixed: installing table compare causes Observer UI link to not workTable Compare
fixed: access issues on sysauto_script table for other users when installing the update setCore
June 17th 20163.10.0

For installing 3.10.0+ over a version of the Perspectium Update Set prior to 3.10.0, please run Reset Dynamic Share Rules

feature: added the ability to run dynamic share as asyncReplicator
fixed: use audit delete listener not sending out delete messagesReplicator
enhancement: separate encryption and decryption keys can now be specified on the shared queue and subscribed queue levelReplicator
fixed: table compare script include not importing correctly due to duplicate entries in update setTable Compare
fixed: installing table compare causes “Script Include” to be listed under “Replicator”Table Compare
May 27th 20163.9.0fixed: share only sys ids listed not sending any records in scheduled bulk sharesReplicator
fixed: message set activity not always showing a finished time for other components in bulk sharesReplicator
fixed: source table property on subscribe configuration not being honored when incoming record has sys_class_name fieldReplicator
feature: message set activity shows records shared and subscribed by ServiceNow instancesReplicator
fixed: subscribed queues not being processed when default Perspectium endpoint not availableReplicator
April 22nd 20163.8.0feature: business rule when option to specify when dynamic share business rule will runReplicator
fixed: multiple dynamic shares for the same table were using the same replication business ruleReplicator
fixed: unable to add a new dynamic share without a target queue if a dynamic share already exists for the table with a target queueReplicator
enhancement: display records agent skipped in message set activityReplicator
enhancement: display cipher warning message for AES128 in dynamic and bulk sharesReplicator
feature: support resolving a field in a table map as another table mapReplicator
April 11th 20163.7.1fixed: ignoring a share in the before share script not honoring ignore variableReplicator
March 30th 20163.7.0enhancement: moved com.perspectium.follow.last_read_time and com.perspectium.outbound.last_past_sent_time properties to custom table to avoid team development collisionsCore
fixed: message set activity displays how many records instance has processed (“snc-processed”) and only displays one record for each set of unique component name and component type combinationReplicator
fixed: missing com.perspectium.replicator.add_display_values property when installing update setReplicator
fixed: empty or blank dv fields not being capturedReplicator
enhancement: encodeMessageJSON() function in PerspectiumMessage APICore
fixed: null “action” in update message set activity business ruleReplicator
March 14th 20163.6.1fixed: corrected failures related to update set installationCore
March 10th 20163.6.0enhancement: scheduled bulk shares will clear out the Share only Sys IDs listed related list each time they runReplicator
feature: ignoring a share in the before share script allows programmatic canceling of the current record being dynamically or bulk sharedReplicator
feature: before/after bulk share script to cancel bulk share and run script before it runs and after it completesReplicator
feature: PerspectiumBulkShare API to reference a bulk share configuration's glide recordCore
fixed: message set activity table access not setup for perspectium roleReplicator
feature: PerspectiumMessage API to queue messages in outbound messagesCore
enhancement: message set activity refreshed on dynamic/bulk share form loadReplicator
fixed: message set activity started, finished and updated date/times showing incorrect value (“1970-01-01 00:00:00” UTC) when they don't have a valueReplicator
enhancement: outbound messages and log messages related lists will not be shown on dynamic or bulk shares if they don't have any recordsReplicator
enhancement: display error message on bulk/dynamic share load when message set activity has failuresReplicator
enhancement: message set activity duration, successes and failures are summed to provide total values for eachReplicator
enhancement: use queryNoDomain() instead of get() for better performance with querying large (>100k records) tablesReplicator
enhancement: support setting attributes in table field mapsReplicator
February 15th 20163.5.0enhancement: new property to restrict replicated fields to selected table onlyReplicator
January 28th 20163.4.1fixed: state info field not created on outbound messages table causing update set installation errorCore
fixed: observeNodes not running to send out all Observer metricsObserver
fixed: include history set not sending to a bulk share's target queueReplicator
January 25th 20163.4.0feature: message set activity on dynamic and bulk share configurationsReplicator
January 28th 20163.3.0-patch4fixed: observeNodes not running to send out all Observer metricsObserver
fixed: include history set not sending to a bulk share's target queueReplicator
January 27th 20163.3.0-patch3fixed: state info field not created on outbound messages table causing update set installation errorCore
January 19th 20163.3.0-patch2fixed: remove extraneous field from dynamic share formReplicator
January 12th 20163.3.0-patch1fixed: include all child tables sharing base table's records instead of sharing child recordsReplicator
January 5th 20163.3.0fixed: dynamic sharing of attachments did not account for filter conditionsReplicator
fixed: scheduled bulk share not executing its bulk sharesReplicator
feature: bulk share and dynamic share configurations will now have related lists of related log messages and related outbound or inbound messagesReplicator
fixed: emitting sys_translated_text and html field records is working again (broken in 3.2.7)Replicator
fixed: Source Table value was not honored in Subscribe configurationReplicator
enhancement: ServiceNow Data Preservers created for Dynamic and Bulk Share configurations as well as Shared and Subscribed QueuesReplicator
fixed: include referenced field records functionality will no longer send empty records when there is no referenced record (INC-348)Replicator
enhancement: attributes field in outbound messages for sending on-demand messagesReplicator
enhancement: support for class name changes when replicating between ServiceNow instancesReplicator
fixed: include referenced field records not working on ServiceNow instances with EurekaReplicator
fixed: error updating records in tables that have a column with the name “update” when replicating between ServiceNow instancesReplicator
enhancement: AES encryption/decryptionReplicator
enhancement: all Perspectium script includes are listed in a link under the Control and Configuration sectionCore
enhancement: warning will display for an inactive target queue when creating a new bulk share with the “Create a new bulk share like this one” optionReplicator
November 6th 20153.2.9fixed: shared queues not showing up in replicator dashboardDashboard
fixed: NullPointerException during History Set refreshReplicator
enhancement: enable queueing large records (more than 10MB) for OutboundReplicator
enhancement: updateWhere support in DBCommandAPIReplicator
enhancement: log error for Error Notifications when MultiOutput Processing job tries to send outbound messages older than 10 minutesCore
fixed: subscriber job not processing remaining subscribed queues when error occurs processing one subscribed queueReplicator
enhancement: added “Semaphore wait time”, “Session wait time”, “Transaction processing time”, and “Total wait time” to Follow TransactionsReplicator
October 14th 20153.2.8enhancement: support for domain separated querying (queryNoDomain) is now supported and triggered by the ServiceNow property “glide.sys.restrict_global_domain_processes” set to true. Domains Visible to Users in the Global DomainReplicator
enhancement: access to the local glide record in Before subscribe script before updating with replicated messageReplicator
fixed: observer UI module now correctly directs to the domainObserver
feature: follow transactions can now follow any transaction specified by a condition on the Transaction Log tableObserver
enhancement: follow transactions now can specify a time range of 1 week. This allows for a longer analysis window to be created yet safe guards against forgotten configurations that may degrade performance over timeObserver
feature: delete outbound messages allows an administrator to selectively delete all, monitor, or replicator outbound messagesReplicator
feature: bulk share only specific sys IDs from a tableReplicator
feature: create bulk share on target instance with missing locally recordsTable Compare
feature: import set tables for vSphere Replicator Share AgentReplicator
fixed: first subscribe configuration being used when multiple subscribe configurations for the same table/source table name with different conditions existReplicator
feature: create table compare from subscribe configurations list viewTable Compare
feature: share embedded images and videosReplicator
September 15th 20153.2.7 patch3feature: cancel running Compare Rows jobTable Compare
feature: use audit delete listener option on dynamic share now allows you to capture record deletes that are missed because an upstream business rule had setWorkflow set to falseReplicator
feature: scheduled sync up section allows setting up a scheduled interval to continuously sync up or send bulk shares during that interval of records that have been added or changed. This allows to capture records that have been missed because business rules are not triggered due to customizations.Replicator
enhancement: import records missing locally will also import a record's audit records, journal field entries and attachmentsTable Compare
enhancement: Interactive Only support for dynamic shares to allow limiting replication to records changed via the UI. Also allows specifying the order of the replication business rule.Replicator
enhancement: background job to clean up row discrepancy table of old records to improve performanceTable Compare
August 24th 20153.2.6fixed: cyrillic characters (such as Russian) were not replicating properly on updated recordsReplicator
feature: dynamic share now has the ability to include reference field recordsReplicator
feature: import records missing locallyTable Compare
August 7th 20153.2.5fixed: connection leak when gathering stats for Observer using self post URL to stats.doObserver
feature: support for a Global Subscribe definition that subscribes to all tables.Replicator
August 3rd 20153.2.4 patch2fixed: decrypt value returning undefined on Replicator messages in Messages > InboundReplicator
July 29th 20153.2.4 patch1fixed: observer UI link incorrectly setObserver
fixed: base table subscribe configurations being referenced when receiving child table messages even though child table has its own subscribe configuration.Replicator
July 21st 20153.2.4fixed: cyrillic characters (such as Russian) were not replicating properly.Replicator
enhancement: added field level ACL rules for Perspectium objects.Replicator
fixed: connection leak related to HTTPS POST of outbound data that caused hourly pauses of data transmission observed in Fuji release.Replicator
fixed: duplicate records were shared when both the base and child tables were defined in dynamic shares with option Share base table only for create, update, delete actionsReplicator
July 12th 20153.2.3 patch1fixed: performance degradation was introduced in the automated translated text feature, it is fixed in this patch.Replicator
July 9 20153.2.3fixed: dynamic post size calculation that limits the size of each data post by bytes in addition to the maximum number of records. This prevents errors when max records exceed a String maximum of 16MB. Defaults to 5MB, see Perspectium Properties.Replicator
feature: Error Notification allows you to configure an email to be sent when an error occursCore
feature: Multiple Encryption Modes are now supported. More importantly, the new encrypted_multibyte encryption mode supports sharing of multi-byte foreign language characters. requires Replicator Agent v3.2.3 or laterReplicator
feature: Translated Text fields will now generate their own separate sys_translated_text or sys_translated_html records during sharing, if you want to subscribe to the translated text values, you will have to subscribe to these tables separately.Replicator
fixed: attachments were being shared all the time whether or not it has been selected in Dynamic or Bulk SharingReplicator
feature: Outbound Table Map supports field level mapping for outbound replication.Replicator
fixed: missing slash (/) at the end of a Shared Queues Endpoint URL caused errors during data sharing/postingReplicator
fixed: the ability to Share Display Values has now been extended to include fields of type Glide ListsReplicator
May 21 20153.2.1 Fuji compatibility starts with this versionfixed: subscriber message counts will not be sent on skipped messagesReplicator
enhancement: Subscriber message byte counts will now be sentReplicator
feature: Zero ConfigurationReplicator/Observer
Apr 29 20153.1.14enhancement: removed table rotation on psp_out_message (Outbound messages) and psp_in_message (Inbound messages) due to query delays as a result of inefficient unions across shardsReplicator
fixed: Replicator Configurations are no longer part of this update set to avoid collisions during upgradeReplicator
enhancement: output processing is optimized for a single “Perspectium MultiOuput Processing” scheduled job, its is no longer necessary nor valid to have more than 1Core
enhancement: logging is now done using a Perspectium specific table u_psp_log_message that is rotated and contains separation for debug, warning, and error types as well as for performance measuringCore
fixed: when encrypting records of data to be shared, security is no longer applied to restrict the fields that are shared based on the role of the user that triggers the sharing. Instead, customers should use Field Restriction using UI ViewsReplicator
fixed: when cleaning up the PSP Outbound Message queue, do not delete records of state processing which are still being sentReplicator
fixed: when glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows property was set to true, Dynamic Share no longer worked. It is now fixed.Replicator
Apr 2nd 20153.1.13enhancement: Perspectium tables and properties are now defined in the clone exclusion list so that they will not be overwritten by the ServiceNow instance cloning process. See ServiceNow system cloningReplicator
feature: Field Restriction using Views is now available to control the fields you want to dynamic or bulk shareReplicator
feature: Dynamic Share has a new option to share only the base table record, Share base table onlyReplicator
fixed: During subscribing of bulk input, the Before Script did not define the variable for qcurrent and would result in an errorReplicator
fixed: Multiple Dynamic Share can be defined as long as they each target a different target queueReplicator
Mar 31st 20153.1.12fixed: Dynamic Share business rules now runs with order of “50” to avoid collision with other business rules that might be in place.Replicator
feature: Cancel bulk share now supportedReplicator
fixed: Scheduled Bulk Share now runs bulk shares in parallel using scheduled jobsReplicator
changed: Dynamic Share list now shows the list filterReplicator
Mar 25th 20153.1.11fixed: When display values are disabled or set to false, an error is generated and record is not sharedReplicator
enhancement: Before Scripts in the subscribe direction now includes a repl_gr variable representing the incoming recordReplicator
fixed: Dynamic Share now supports updates from users who belong to a different DomainReplicator
changed: You can only create one Dynamic Share per table nameReplicator
changed: Dynamic Share will only work for User modified records, previously, programmatic updates will trigger sharing which is incorrectReplicator
fixed: When bulk sharing entire tables, the total number of records count was doubled erroneouslyReplicator
fixed: Inbound messages with “label” type were not being inserted into Alert Import Set tableObserver
Mar 14th 20153.1.10fixed: Include child tables for Bulk Share would fail if if table does not have any extensionsReplicator
changed: Schedule to run is now called Execute now on Bulk ShareReplicator
new: Share child class only for Bulk ShareReplicator
Mar 6th 20153.1.9fixed: attachments are not dynamically sharedReplicator
fixed: event subscriptions not functioning or sending, requires Stop All Jobs and Start All Jobs after updatingObserver
fixed: output XML not encoded causing parsing errors at agentsReplicator
fixed: when dynamic sharing with Update or Insert option selected, deletes were not sentReplicator
Mar 1st 20153.1.8new feature: Before Share ScriptReplicator
new feature: Update or Insert for Dynamic ShareReplicator
new feature: Sharing Display Values for Reference FieldsReplicator
Feb 10th 20153.1.7new feature: Scheduled Bulk ShareReplicator
Common Document
Date ReleasedVersionTypeChangeProduct(s) Affected
August 23, 2018Dubnium (4.2.0)EnhancementUpdated Form View to display fields in the following organized groups: Core Fields, User/Group References, Time/Dates, System Fields, and OtherAll
Bug FixScripts added to Common Transform field maps so User Reference fields map properlyAll
Bug FixAll Common Document import set table field lengths match corresponding tables to prevent truncation during mappingsAll
May 30, 2018Carbon (4.1.0)Bug FixPSP Common Incident import set table's close_notes field length changed from 40 to 4000 to match incident tableCommon Incident
April 1, 2018
Bug FixUse gs.generateGUID() to generate new sys_id instead of -1 as instances may save record with -1 sys_id instead of generating new oneAll
February 8, 2018BismuthEnhancementTransform map coalesce on sys_id or correlation_id script to bettersupport bi-directional insert and updatesAll
December 21, 20173.29.0Bug FixCheck for blank email when adding approvers in PerspectiumApprover script includeCommon Endpoint
Bug FixNumber format exception when adding number fields in PerspectiumRecurringPrice and PerspectiumRequestedItem script includesCommon Endpoint
Bug FixCorrect field name, problem_id, called in incident PSP Common Problem to Problem transform scriptCommon Problem
New FeatureCommon attachment for large attachmentsAll
Bug FixTagging embedded record in PerspectiumIncident script includeCommon Endpoint
EnhancementCoalesce on sys_id in import set transform mapAll
EnhancementChange module name to Perspectium Common DocumentsCommon Endpoint
October 5, 2017Argon
Initial ReleaseAl
Observer / Dashboard
Date ReleasedReleaseChange
November 29, 2018EuropiumEnhancement: no_audit_delete attribute added to Observer Outbound Messages table to alleviate performance issues when deleting large volumes of data
Enhancement: Trend charts will now default to displaying the trend group as a percentage of the y-axis when there are more than five attributes in a chart
Fixed: Follow transaction messages are now put in Observer Outbound table rather than the Replicator Outbound table
Sept 25th, 2018Dubnium patch1Fixed: observer data cleaner not properly cleaning out certain status types messages
Fixed: user is unable to add medium and low alert events
Fixed: disabling of certain predefined alerts not disabling properly
Fixed: alerts notifications are sending out while feature is disabled
August 23, 2018DubniumFeature: enabled testing of custom events
Feature: added functionality for creation and deletion of custom trend groups on the “Settings” page
Enhancement: created pop-up messages to prevent creation of empty rows on the Settings page
Enhancement: attributed dropdown menu on the “Problems” page now displays all nodes that make up an “averaged” attribute
Fixed: observer logo now loads on Internet Explorer 11
Fixed: observer now loads general settings on Internet Explorer 11
Fixed: UI now refreshes every time a new value is entered
May 18, 2018CarbonFeature: added new “Overview” page
Enhancement: renamed the “Trend” page to “Problems”
Enhancement: alerts are now set up by default
Enhancement: alert configuration values can now be entered manually
Enhancement: alerts now have a unique ID to make them easy to identify
April 19, 2018
Fixed: unable to delete custom trend groups
Fixed: import alert definitions display errors even on success
Fixed: monitor calendar doesn't allow you to select current date
Enhancement: input values for alert configurations can now be entered manually
Enhancement: optimized default trigger alert values so not all triggers without a time window or velocity prevent excess alerts
Enhancement: disabled alternating row colors in grids to make it easier to see which row is selected
April 1, 2018
Enhancement: trend charts will now generate with all flags
Enhancement: Top Ten grids can now be sorted by name and value
Enhancement: alerts are set to trigger by default without a time window or velocity evaluation period
Enhancement: Trend page has been renamed to Problem and trend groups have been renamed for easier identification of problems with an instance
Enhancement: created Execute Hourly Interval option for actions
Fixed: removed use of Packages call for detect situations business rules
February 8, 2018BismuthFixed: Top Ten next day button disabled for the same day of each month
December 21, 2017
Fixed: Top Ten New Slow SQL Statements no longer shows “undefined undefined”
October 25, 2017
Fixed: alert configurations fails to load alerts
October 5, 2017ArgonFeature: tour of the Observer application
Fixed: all alerts in alert lists can now be cleared
Fixed: scheduled data cleaner job not deleting messages
Fixed: Observer logo not showing up in Firefox and Microsoft Edge
Fixed: Calendar will be empty when switching between Trend and Top Ten pages
August 11, 20173.25.0Fixed: images of graphs can now be downloaded from the Monitor page
Fixed: instance dropdown list will now adjust accordingly when window is resized
Fixed: newly created users now able to login
Fixed: changed password options to authenticate correctly
July 19, 20173.24.0Fixed: log out button in Observer is now consistent with Dashboard's log out button.
Fixed: support of single sign-on
Enhancement: disabled External User Accounts and Local User Accounts actions by default so as not to affect instance performance
Enhancement: moved Reset Zoom Button to the bottom-right corner of the Trends graph
June 27, 20173.23.0Feature: added compare feature on the Top Ten page
June 5, 20173.22.0Feature: added wiki help link on the bottom of page
Feature: added the ability to drag windows in Top Ten
Fixed: minor graphical bug fix
May 11, 20173.21.0Enhancement: included user indexes for external user accounts and inactive users actions
Feature: added Properties page for Observer
Enhancement: Observer URL can now be overwritten on the Observer Properties page
Enhancement: outbound Observer messages can now be limited via the Observer Properties page
April 18, 20173.20.0Enhancement: users can now swap between instances in a family in observer through a dropdown menu
March 27, 20173.19.0Enhancement: moved event subscription messages to Observer outbound queue
Enhancement: added new action to check for kb articles with inactive categories
Feature: included recommended indexes
Fixed: issue where de-activating an Action would not stop running from the “On Alert” Interval
February 16, 20173.18.0Feature: added the ability to publish to a chart to Dashboard
Enhancement: acl update set created for read roles for Observer UI pages to be a Perspectium user
January 20, 20173.17.0Enhancement: made it easier to log out similar to Dashboard
Enhancement: Observer messages processed in their own outbound queue
Fixed: hamburger menu not opening in Dashboard
December 14, 20163.16.0Fixed: encoding errors preventing trend page from loading
Fixed: finish install situations instead of including as part of Update Set
October 28, 20163.15.0Feature: health check

Enhancement: actions to run Observer jobs

August 23, 2018DubniumBug Fix: Observer, Replicator Share, and Replicator Subscribe's dropdowns are now sorted alphabetically in Dashboard
Bug Fix: Dashboard now works on Internet Explorer 11
Bug Fix: Perspectium logo appears when loading Dashboard on Internet Explorer 11
May 18, 2018CarbonEnhancement: added scrolling to submenus so that they are always visible and don't disappear from the screen
Feb 8, 2018BismuthBug Fix: broken pie charts
December 21, 20173.29.0Bug Fix: dates in the future Download Reports Calendar are accessible
Bug Fix: enlarged logo appears when loading Dashboard
Bug Fix: Report Category removed from Toolbox
Bug Fix: Add Toolbox button does not appear on pages where it serves no functionality
October 25, 20173.28.0New Feature: range selector for downloading reports
October 5, 2017ArgonNew Feature: tour of the dashboard application
August 11, 20173.25.0Enhancement: dashboard to be consistent with Observer's text fields on the bottom of the page
Bug Fix: Dashboard navigates to the incorrect Observer page when accessed through the Replicator Subscribe/Share pages
Bug Fix: newly created users now able to log in
Bug Fix: default windows will now populate the home page if empty.
Bug Fix: change password options no longer fail
July 19, 20173.24.0Bug Fix: default windows will now populate the home page if empty
Enhancement: added link to Observer on Dashboard with list of Observer instances
Enhancement: dropdown menus in Dashboard are now in alphabetical order
Bug Fix: “Unable to load Users” error when loading settings page
Bug Fix: sign-on error for users with one instance in their family
June 27, 20173.23.0Enhancement: added Replicator window as default window to home page
Bug Fix: made menu and refresh page options have the same appearance and animation style
June 5, 20173.22.0Enhancement: disabled home page tutorial from loading each time upon login
Enhancement: support closing Toolbox on home page when opened
New Feature: added wiki help link on bottom of Dashboard's homepage
May 11, 20173.21.0Bug Fix: an issue with records and months not showing in correct order
Bug Fix: pie charts are displaying bytes and not records for weekly/monthly
Bug Fix: the button “Go to instance” on each dashboard window now goes to the correct page
Bug Fix: heading displaying incorrectly when in light theme
February 16, 20173.18.0New Feature: report page to download Replicator data
Bug Fix: gauges now display correctly in Dashboard windows
Bug Fix: the button “Go to instance” on each Dashboard window now goes to the correct page
Bug Fix: missing Perspective from the dropdown menu now appears correctly
January 20, 20173.17.0Bug Fix: windows not resizing properly on expanding browser window
Enhancement: Dashboard Settings dropdown stays displayed on the page when scrolling up/down
December 14, 20163.16.0Bug Fix: encoding errors preventing charts from displaying
October 28, 20163.15.0Bug Fix: monthly Subscribe/Share data is now sorted by month and year to prevent chart errors
New Feature: added a tutorial to the home page
September 30, 20163.14.0Enhancement: added default windows to the dashboard home page
September 2, 20163.13.0New Feature: support a logout option
New Feature: show which user is logged in
New Feature: customizable landing page that allows users to create their own home page
August 15, 20163.12.0Bug Fix: authentication no longer repeatedly fails when loading “records by type”
Enhancement: Record type errors separated by type for Replicator Share and Replicator Subscribe pages
June 17, 20163.10.0New Feature: Support for changing themes
April 22, 20163.8.0New Feature: Support login and changing password
January 5, 20163.3.0Enhancement: Dashboard automatically refreshes all windows every five minutes by default

Enhancement: Button provides automatic refresh options and displays the refresh interval

September 30th 20163.14.0fixed: trend attributes dropdown stays on screen when changing to different page
fixed: observer page menu stays at current location when resizing page
September 2nd 20163.13.0fixed: unable to login after an unsuccessful login
fixed: resizing issues with alert count charts on Monitor page when trend charts expanded
enhancement: added new requirements for user passwords
feature: custom alerts can now be tested
fixed: changing Observer password causes issues with ServiceNow connecting to MBS
August 15th 20163.12.0fixed: events no longer return flag as “undefined” and now display “Extra” field
feature: added the email digest feature
fixed: the menu will no longer open until the page is refreshed
fixed: page resizing issue after accessing the Options menu in the Monitor page
July 15th 20163.11.0enhancement: new navigation menu for accessing Observer pages
enhancement: removed Server, User Experience, Queues, Sessions and Customer Updates pages not currently being used
June 17th 20163.10.0fixed: custom alerts description not showing in monitor page's Alert Lists
fixed: custom alert names not restricted to strictly letters, numbers and “_”
fixed: monitor showing “null” for extra field in alert lists
feature: support for changing themes in settings
fixed: alert emails showing instance URLs as “” instead of “
May 27th 20163.9.0change: error messages now appear in red
change: required columns are now followed by “*”
enhancement: display “extra” field in high, medium and low alert lists on monitor page
April 22nd 20163.8.0fixed: trend page selected calendar date now loads properly with correct error messages
fixed: in trend tab, wide date ranges now display correctly
fixed: new records can no longer be created with empty fields
fixed: the “please select option from the list” message is now displayed correctly
fixed: login issue after changing password
March 30th 20163.7.0enhancement: faster loading of trend chart when selecting 1 month or 1 week date range
fixed: in alert configurations, custom events now have required name and type fields
March 8th 20163.6.0fixed: server page graphs not showing data
February 15th 20163.5.0fixed: double quotes and backslashes in alert descriptions
January 25th 20163.4.0change: removed the Login Required feature
feature: right-click context menu to edit or delete alert configurations descriptions
January 5th 20163.3.0enhancement: support downloading trend chart data as CSV and XLS
feature: added the ability to assign links to flags on the Trend Chart
enhancement: time zone is now displayed on all pages of the Observer
enhancement: customized trend groups and combo box selection in alphabetic order
enhancement: a pop-up confirmation window appears when attempting to delete a record
fixed: login only accepts alphanumeric and email formats
enhancement: right click to edit descriptions in alert configurations
enhancement: “Release History” link at bottom of Observer pages to link to Observer Releases
October 19th 20153.2.5enhancement: moved Revert Trend Groups to Trend Groups Settings page
enhancement: trend chart auto refresh off by default when loading page
fixed: check for valid username or email address when logging in
August 13th 20153.2.4feature: export alert configurations in CSV format
June 30th 20153.2.3minor bug fixes
June 3rd 20153.2.2fixed: alert flags placed at wrong timestamp on trend charts
enhancement: flags selected in trend chart will be maintained for the same session
May 8th 20153.2.1enhancement: by default when navigating to the Trend chart, only H, M, L alert flags will be selected, this is to reduce clutter
enhancement: out of semaphore alert has been de-sensitized to occur only when 2 or more times detected over 5 minutes per node
fixed: data point timestamp was incorrectly set as time arrived at Observer, vs. time detected
April 29th 20153.2.0feature: custom alerts
February 11th 20153.1.7feature: requiring login
January 15th 20152.0gfeature: authentication required for Settings
DataSync (Replicator) Agent
Date ReleasedReleaseChangeProduct(s) Affected
May 22, 2020Argon patch7

Enhancement: Added a configuration in the Agent.xml to enable upsert for performance enhancements for SAP Hana 

DataSync Agent
October 2, 2019Argon patch6

Enhancement: Updated supporting drivers for SAP Hana 2.0 

April 24, 2019Europium Patch 3new feature: For MS SQL Server integrations, you can now configure dynamic database portsReplicator Agent
November 29, 2018Europiumnew feature: Replicator Agent can now be run in test mode for testing purposesReplicator Agent
new feature: Replicator Agent can now be run within the Linux Terminal without superuser (sudo) accessReplicator Agent
new feature: Command File Sharer configuration option added for records from .csv files being shared to ServiceNow from the Replicator Agent via ServiceNow command queriesReplicator Agent
new feature: Data Guarantee can now be enabled for better tracking of shared Replicator Agent data messages via receiptsReplicator Agent
new feature: Replicator Agent can now be configured to send out receipts at regular intervals and upon shutdownReplicator Agent
enhancement: MySQL 8 is now supported as a database for the Replicator AgentReplicator Agent
enhancement: File Replicator for Replicator Agent will now create headings in the topmost row of .csv filesReplicator Agent
enhancement: Support added for the sharing of CLOB data typesReplicator Agent
enhancement: Support added for data sharing with AES-256 encryptionReplicator Agent
fixed: The validateConfiguration tool now only validates queues with a valid AMQPS connectionReplicator Agent
fixed: Foreign character (4-byte UTF character) support can now be enabled for replication with MySQL 8Replicator Agent
November 12, 2018Dubnium patch2fixed: Replication of foreign languages from Database to ServiceNowReplicator Agent
August 23, 2018Dubniumfixed: The validateConfiguration tool can now be run as an admin on Windows devicesReplicator Agent
fixed: batching of records when multiple tasks runningReplicator Agent
fixed: password encryption works with the following special characters: ! @ # % ( ) - + < > & [ ]Replicator Agent
fixed: Agent can now reconnect automatically to a queue after connection to the queue is droppedReplicator Agent
fixed: 302 redirect error when using a proxy for <message_connection> or <instance_connection>Replicator Agent
fixed: an issue where the Validate Configuration Tool was consuming all messages when ranReplicator Agent
fixed: database port numbers were cached when navigating in between panelsReplicator Installer
fixed: the formatting of the agent.xml after running the agent installerReplicator Installer
August 2, 2018Carbonfeature: agent now supports highly availability mode to enhance recovery of the agentReplicator Agent
enhancement: on agent startup, remove files that start with “psp” in the bin directory to prevent corrupted files from stopping agent system requirementsReplicator Agent
enhancement: agent now supports Java 9 and 10 as illustrated in the system requirementsReplicator Agent
enhancement: provide more helpful error message handling when connecting using the HTTP protocolReplicator Agent
fixed: agent stops on startup if the system does not meet minimum system requirementsReplicator Agent
fixed: issue where the agent is not consuming if the queue does not existReplicator Agent
enhancement: support setting queue that ServiceNow Direct agent will read messages from the outbound table in an instanceReplicator Agent
fixed: a connection issue when the agent is configured with ServiceNow DirectReplicator Agent
feature: added the support of the Perspectium File Subscriber Replicator Agent to replicate to Amazon S3Replicator Agent
enhancement: added a queue name field in Replicator Agent installerReplicator Installer
enhancement: reduced the package size of the Agent installerReplicator Installer
fixed: validation tool not correctly validating HTTP(s) connection with specified queueReplicator Agent
fixed: agent not properly truncating the column data for the first record after increasing the column lengthReplicator Agent
November 1, 2018Bismuth patch3fixed: Replication of foreign languages from Database to ServiceNowReplicator Agent
February 8, 2018Bismuthfixed: wrapper logs not being rotated properlyReplicator Agent
fixed: improve URL validation on agent startupReplicator Agent
feature: Ready to Run agent installationReplicator Installer
October 5, 2017Argonenhancement: log database and table names when warning about truncating a columnReplicator Agent
enhancement: default message_connection to have basic consume attribute set to trueReplicator Installer
September 1, 20173.26.0enhancement: Validate Configuration Tool will no longer report duplicates when multiple tasks are configuredReplicator Agent
enhancement: made data cache directory configurableRepeater and Service Manager Agent
fixed: when perspectium.log reaches at least 20 MB, it will now save older logs and roll over to the new logs correctlyReplicator Agent
enhancement: create large fields as nvarchar(max) in MSSQL to support distinct queriesSQL Subscriber
enhancement: handle numeric fields with NaN value by setting it to null and not throwing an exceptionSQL Subscriber
feature: support of PostgreSQL DatabaseReplicator Agent
August 11, 20173.25.0fixed: an issue where the Validate Configuration Tool was consuming messages.Replicator Agent
fixed: message set count incorrect for HTTPS connectionsReplicator Agent
enhancement: message set processing every 1000 messages instead of every messageReplicator Agent
feature: agent now supports with Solaris OS PlatformReplicator Agent
July 19, 20173.24.0fixed: display proper queue not found error message for when a queue does not existReplicator Agent
enhancement: no longer write alerts to the error directory when unable to connect to MBSDirectory Sharer
feature: replicator agent now supports 64-bit wrapper and available for upgradeReplicator Agent
July 19, 20173.23.1fixed: performance degradation when the agent is consuming a large amount of records Replicator AgentReplicator Agent
June 27, 20173.23.0enhancement: users can now dynamically change the logging level to debug using the set logging scriptReplicator Agent
fixed: when using edge encryption, the agent cannot find the keystore.jceks fileReplicator Agent
June 5, 20173.22.0enhancement: improved Redshift data throughput by utilizing S3 buckets as a staging area where replicated data are stored then populated to Redshift tables.Replicator Agent
May 11, 20173.21.0feature: agent now uses Basic Consume by defaultReplicator Agent
April 18, 20173.20.0enhancement: added the ability to use a TNS string for connections to OracleReplicator Agent
enhancement: modified Agent reporting mechanism to improve stability and volumeReplicator Agent
enhancement: modified Agent retry capabilities to prevent primary key errors when running multiple tasksReplicator Agent
March 27, 20173.19.0fix: log an error when attempting to replicate a table that's unknown by ServiceNowReplicator Agent
enhancement: updated packaged sqlserver JDBC driver to 6.1 as Microsoft is ending support lifecycle for JDBC 4.0Replicator Agent
enhancement: replicator agent logging now includes the thread name in each messageReplicator Agent
feature: save each record as its own fileFile Subscriber
March 14, 20173.18.2enhancement: improved handling of connection failures to the databaseReplicator Agent
enhancement: improved retry ability for committing records to the database within unstable environmentsReplicator Agent
March 2, 20173.18.1enhancement: optimized prefetch size to reduce memory usageReplicator Agent
enhancement: queueing consumer is now only allocated once per taskReplicator Agent
enhancement: optimized the handling of channels per a connectionReplicator Agent
February 16, 20173.18.0fix: improved handling of failed connections to prevent individual threads from terminatingReplicator Agent
fix: an incorrect path for wrapper configuration which caused a StatusLogger error on startup for agent running in Windows environmentReplicator Agent
enhancement: create Report that supports double-clicking to launch in WindowsReplicator Agent
January 20, 20173.17.0enhancement: added support for type attribute in <instance_connection>Replicator Agent
enhancement: validateConfiguration.bat supports double-clicking to launch in WindowsReplicator Installer
enhancement: updated default values for task instances=4, max_reads_per_connect=4000, and polling_interval=1 to optimize subscribing configurationReplicator Installer
enhancement: replicator installer now supports user entering a database typeReplicator Installer
enhancement: enhanced validate configuration to be user friendly and provide more suggestionsReplicator Agent
enhancement: default to using <message_connection> at task level in agent configurationReplicator Agent
enhancement: log more useful information when starting up the agentReplicator Agent
feature: report table counts every 30 minutesReplicator Agent
fixed: handling of trailing “Z” in ISO 8601 time formatReplicator Agent
December 14, 20163.16.0enhancement: added optional Database SID field for OracleReplicator Installer
enhancement: added message and reporting connection to default to the same server configured during the Agent installation processReplicator Installer
enhancement: subscriber record errors will be sent back to ServiceNow instanceReplicator Agent
feature: vertica database supportReplicator Agent
October 28, 20163.15.0enhancement: add additional logging entry for errorsSQL Subscriber
fixed: An issue where dynamic columns were not processed properlySQL Subscriber
September 30, 20163.14.0fixed: TableAction error after adding a new column field name that is larger than 60 charactersSQL Subscriber
enhancement: default to the same server as message_connection for reporting connectionReplicator Agent
removed: deprecated file subscriber option from the installerReplicator Agent
enhancement: provide support of 64 bit fixed and floating-point valuesSQL Subscriber
September 2, 20163.13.0enhancement: support a subset of columns from a tableSQL Subscriber
fixed: Table Action error when replicating an Account Table from Salesforce to a DBSQL Subscriber
fixed: null values are displayed as a string for empty fieldsSQL Subscriber
enhancement: see the output from stderr and stdout in the agent log filesSQL Subscriber
August 15, 20163.12.0enhancement: component_type set for heartbeat sent in for supportReplicator Agent
July 15, 20163.11.0fixed: unable to share records after connection idlesvSphere Sharer
fixed: SQLTableStructure runtime error with a format specifierSQL Subscriber
fixed: replication of ServiceNow Table views returns the SQL ErrorsSQL Subscriber
fixed: XML encoded field values from ServiceNow incorrectly contain XML encoding when inserted/updated into tableSQL Subscriber
feature: Added the ability to Create Report which packages the agent config and log files into a zip fileReplicator Agent
June 24, 20163.10.1fixed: issue with replication of CR and LF in ServiceNow fields to DatabaseSQL Subscriber
fixed: issue with replication of ServiceNow database view tables to DatabaseSQL Subscriber
fixed: hanging of the Agent when replicating to a Database that contains an extremely large number of rowsReplicator Agent
June 17, 20163.10.0fixed: SQLShareByLastUpdateQuery not properly workingSQL Sharer
enhancement: simplify the handling of column name mappingsReplicator Agent
May 27, 2016


Fixed: issue with column type mismatch upon replication to DatabaseReplicator Agent
Enhancement: proper handling of long Table and Column names for replication to Oracle DBReplicator Agent
Enhancement: increased security of information in the logsReplicator Agent
Enhancement: simplified the handling of column name mappings to make maintenance and availability easierReplicator Agent
April 22, 2016


Enhancement: provide support for creating tables which contain the 'long' data type added in the ServiceNow version GenevaSQL Subscriber
Fixed: ensure that all resources are released when shutting down the agent.Replicator Agent
Enhancement: added the validate_certificate attribute to all connection directives to disable validation of the X509 Certificate when using the https scheme.Replicator Agent
Enhancement: Enabled additional configuration of the connection and other HttpClient timers and controls.Replicator Agent
Enhancement: Implemented initial support of the new 'long' data type introduced in the ServiceNow Geneva release.SQL Subscriber
Enhancement: support for installing third-party librariesReplicator Agent
Enhancement: support for subscribing to messages with a specific keyReplicator Agent
March 30, 2016


Enhancement: security is enhanced for configuration file encryption feature by Specifying encryption key for encrypting configuration fieldsReplicator Agent
Enhancement: handling of daemon threads has been improved to ensure proper termination when the stop method is called.Replicator Agent
Enhancement: added the ability to encrypt the contents of the agent.xml configuration file on Windows using 'dpapi'. Specifying encryption key for encrypting dpapi configuration fieldsReplicator Agent
Enhancement: added support for authenticating to a proxy using either basic authentication or NTLM. Configuring Replicator to leverage a ProxyReplicator Agent
Fixed: replication of a table row when the size of a column has been increased.SQLSubscriber
March 15, 20163.6.1Fixed: Agent returns a SQLSubscriber error when replicating a larger dictionary value of a ServiceNow fieldSQLSubscriber
Fixed: Agent returns a SQLTableStructure error when replicating a larger dictionary from two different ServiceNow instancesSQLSubscriber
March 8, 2016


Fixed: ensure proper processing of both service now and salesforce source data against multiple target database serversReplicator Agent
Enhancement: duplicate named tasks will continue to run instead of throwing an errorReplicator Agent
Fixed: table action invalid identifier error when adding a column to source tableSQLSubscriber
Fixed: SQL statement errors when multiple agent tasks are running against same table using pluginsSQLSubscriber
February 15, 2016


Fixed: heartbeat thread now runs as a daemon to facilitate shutdownReplicator Agent
Fixed: ensure proper replication of a ServiceNow view when only a single pseudo primary key exists.SQLSubscriber
Enhancement: Agent now provides the command setLogging which provides the ability to dynamically enable or disable detailed logging without needing to restart the agent.Replicator Agent
Enhancement: Performance and management messages are now sent asynchronously instead of serially with payload (replication) messages which are the priority.Replicator Agent
Fixed: ensure proper state after closing of a connection.Replicator Agent
Fixed: ensure wrapper library does not start when the Replicator is started via the SDK.SDK
Enhancement: eliminated use of the conf/config.xml configuration file.Replicator Agent
Fixed: ensure default type of non-schema defined columns is string with a length of 250.SQLSubscriber
Fixed: removed public access to the Replicator class to prevent accidental use by SDK users who should be using ReplicatorAgentSDK
Enhancement: optimized connection timeout handling when connecting to the Message Bus.Replicator Agent
February 9, 20163.4.4Fixed: SetFetchSize to work with all DB driversSQL Agent
February 3, 20163.4.2Fixed: test for primary key > 0 to handle views with multiple keys that have pseudo sys_ids with no valueSQL Agent
January 26, 20163.4.1Fixed: SQL Server specific method of limiting rows returned for a select causing slow data processingSQL Agent
Januray 25, 20163.4.0Fixed: columns created in Oracle are the same case as created in ServiceNow.SQL Agent
Fixed: unknown column issue in Oracle when adding new columns to table in ServiceNow.SQL Agent
Fixed: data error when agent unable to obtain table schemaReplicator Agent
Fixed: agent configuration file set to “http:” rather than “https:” for ServiceNow URL in instance_connectionReplicator Installer
Enhancement: validate input of “https:” in Perspectium Cloud Server and ServiceNow instance fields to prevent duplicatesReplicator Installer
Enhancement: default to “” in the Perspectium Cloud Server fieldReplicator Installer
January 5, 20163.3.0Fixed: dynamic creation of columns.SQLSubscriber
Fixed: Corrected consistency problem with the SQLSubscriberIODateTimePlugin setting the date and time properly based upon the SQL action against the target table.SQLSubscriber Agent Plugin
Enhancement: Unknown source data types will default to a character type instead of being omittedSQL Agent
Enhancement: support for excluding columns from being replicatedSQL Agent
Enhancement: support for replicating database views from ServiceNowSQL Agent
Enhancement: Subscriber Task Message Level Filter filters all messages subscribed to by an agent's subscriber task based on values in topic, type, or keyReplicator Agent
Enhancement: string fields larger than 251 characters will be created as CLOB fieldsSQL Agent
Enhancement: for string values less than 252 characters, if the value is larger what is defined by its schema, they will be truncated instead of generating an errorSQL Agent
Enhancement: floating point and integer values that contain commas (,) will be corrected to remove the comma before updating the fieldSQL Agent
Fixed: name and key fields not showing the correct values when agent shares recordsSQL Agent
October 19, 20153.2.5feature: support the overriding of date and time format using the date_format and date_time_format <task> configuration directives.SQL Agent
feature: share VMware vSphere objects to ServiceNowvSphere Replicator
feature: share to RabbitMQRabbitMQ Replicator
August 13, 20153.2.4feature: all password fields are masked for securityReplicator Installer
feature: passwords entered require matching to prevent user input errorReplicator Installer
feature: support for replicator plugin framework The Replicator Plugin FrameworkFile Agent
Enhancement: support for saving records as XML File ReplicatorFile Agent
July 15, 20153.2.3Enhancement: support for Multiple Encryption ModesSQL Agent
Fixed: ignore SQL column values that contain a JSON ArraySQL Agent
Fixed: modified processing of table existence validation to ensure minimal connections to the database are requiredSQL Agent
Enhancement: added configuration directive <skip_column_expansion> to disable the now default behaviour of growing a column to it's max size if it's great than 1000 bytes in lengthAgent Configuration
Enhancement: added support for the new ServiceNow internal type SCHEDULE_DATE_TIMESQL Agent
Enhancement: added <ensure_table_exists> configuration directive to ensure the table exists explicitlySQL Agent Configuration
Enhancement: modified SQL Agent to catch the failure of a call to get the database meta data and then create the table if the proper table missing code and state as defined in databases.xml is true.SQL Agent
Fixed: SQL Share only configurations do not require <skip_database_creation> directive anymoreAgent Configuration
April 29, 20153.1.15Enhancement: SQLShare support for Epoc last modified datetimeSQL Agent
Enhancement: SQLShare support for timezone offset in last modified datetimeSQL Agent
Fixed: clob field replication in SQLShareSQL Agent
April 13, 20153.1.14fix: agent name added to in wrapper.confReplicator Installer
Enhancement: remove include/exclude section in agent.xml for SQL ReplicatorReplicator Installer
Fixed: dynamic table creation if table dropped since agent startedSQL Agent
April 2, 20153.1.13Enhancement: installer supports configuration of file sharer and subscriberReplicator Installer
Fixed: installer missing configuration element for Solarwinds directory shareAggregator Installer
Fixed: interval counts in wrapper.log for bytes processed and number of records.Replicator Agent
Fixed: connection time-out issue on MySQL create table.Replicator
October 19, 20153.1.12Enhancement: installer removes previous /jars directory and performs field validations, pre-acknowledge EULAReplicator Installer
Enhancement: agent configuration file cleanup. Defaults values instead of requiring most configuration settings.Agent Configuration
Enhancement: added support for the <database_sid> configuration directive which provides SID based access to an Oracle database versus the default support of a Service Name.SQL Agent
March 10, 20153.1.9Fixed: determining the preexistence of a table.SQL Agent
Enhancement: added <lowercase_columns> and <uppercase_columns> configuraton directives within databases.xml which enable forcing of the column to a configured case. See: Column CaseSQL Agent
Enhancement: added the ability to define Java plugins which are called prior to a row being replicated to the destination table. See: Agent PluginsSQL Agent
Enhancement: added the ability to define additional columns that will be dynamically added to all target tables. See: Dynamic ColumnsSQL Agent
SIAM Agent
Date ReleasedReleaseChangeProduct(s) Affected
TBDFluorine 4.5.0enhancement: Support added for Java versions 9 and 10Java Repeater Agent
November 29, 2018Europium (4.4.0)

new feature: Data Guarantee is now available for SIAM agent integrationsAll SIAM Agents
new feature: Jira attachments can now be shared to ServiceNow with the Repeater AgentJira Repeater Agent
enhancement: The Java Repeater Agent's service_type can now be found in the PSP Logs module for troubleshooting purposes.Java Repeater Agent
May 30, 2018Carbon (4.0.0)Prevent advancing the timestamp if the Agent receives an HTTP Exception from Service ManagerSM Sharer Agent
Set logging level for attachment data output to FINEST
Implement date range during a ServiceManager query call to avoid duplication of recordsSM Sharer Agent
Configure separate sleep time on a retry scenarioRepeaterJ Agent
Log current retry counter
Configure separate sleep time on a retry scenarioRepeaterJ Agent
enhancement: users may now specify whether to use the siam_endpoint_url or service_url by setting “use_message_url” to true or falseRepeaterJ Agent
Date ReleasedReleaseChangeProduct(s) Affected
November 29, 2018Europium (4.4.0)

new feature: Freshservice and Freshdesk are now available as SIAM endpoints for multidirectional integrations with ServiceNowFreshservice SIAM
new feature: Historical data can now be dynamic shared out for journal fields and attachmentsSIAM integrations
enhancement: Data Guarantee can now be enabled for ServiceNow-SIAM endpoint integrations.SIAM integrations
August 23, 2018Dubnium (4.2.0)

feature: import mapping from XML/JSON file, export mapping to XML/JSON fileSIAM Mapping UI
enhancement: updated Common Document modules (Common Problem, Common Change, Common Incident) so that Table Form View displays records in the following categories: Core Fields, User/Group References, Time/Dates, System Fields, and OtherSIAM Mapping UI
August 2, 2018Carbon Patch 1 (4.1.0)

fixed: Perspectium Remedy Incident Replicator Subscriber now creates receipt status with proper valueRemedy SIAM
fixed: have correct URL displayed in text area for list itemsSharePoint SIAM
May 18, 2018Carbon (4.0.0)

fixed: have Sharepoint Lists displays their item's title correctlySharePoint SIAM
feature: support of bidirectional attachments replication for ServiceNow and CA RallyRally SIAM
April 1, 2018Bismuth (3.31.0)

fixed: unable to access lists for / siteSharePoint SIAM
enhancement: support multiple clients in same familyRally SIAM
enhancement: use standard common document formatsRally SIAM
February 8, 2017Bismuth (3.30.0)

fixed: unable to access “Discover sites and list” menu option with perspectium roleSharePoint SIAM
October 5, 2017Argon (3.27.0)

fixed: display all Jira outbound table maps in Outbound Maps moduleJira SIAM
September 1, 20173.26.0enhancement: enable options for user to set a cache location to store logging and a file for last update valueHP Service Manager SIAM
August 11, 20173.25.0feature: support for affected_cis in common_incidentBase
July 19, 20173.24.0enhancement: audit summary for SIAM auditsBase
June 27, 20173.23.0feature: audit of SIAM messages through MBSSIAM integrations
feature: support of bidirectional attachments replication for ServiceNow and Service ManagerHP Service Manager SIAM
feature: support of bidirectional replication for ServiceNow's change requests to Jira's epics and storiesJira SIAM
June 5, 20173.22.0enhancement: include update_synch attribute for u_psp_table_map and u_psp_table_field_map tables to allow saving changes for table maps and take new SIAM updatesSIAM integrations
enhancement: default to standard Jira priorities for priority outbound table field mapJira SIAM
feature: support sending out historical comments for incident being sent to JiraJira SIAM
May 11, 20173.21.0enhancement: support sending attachments to Jira on incident create in ServiceNowJira SIAM
April 18, 20173.20.0fix: psp_replicate_conf commit error for sys_scriptSIAM for ServiceNow
feature: support sending deferred state messagesJira SIAM
Perspectium (Replicator) for Salesforce

Date ReleasedVersionChangeProduct
February 1, 2019Europium (4.5.0)new feature: AES256 encryption is now supportedSalesforce Replicator
enhancement: user queue passwords fields are now masked and hidden upon saving of the formSalesforce Replicator
enhancement: canceled bulk shares can now be executed againSalesforce Replicator
fixed: resolved the creation of a dynamic share trigger for User tablesSalesforce Replicator
fixed: an issue where bulk shares were not correctly cancelingSalesforce Replicator
fixed: once a Perspectium Job is created, the job is now a read-only fieldSalesforce Replicator
fixed: salesforce replication may fail when updating a column which doesn't existSalesforce Replicator
November 29, 2018Europiumnew feature: Salesforce case records can now be shared out to ServiceNow via a ServiceNow-Salesforce SIAM integrationSalesforce Replicator
new feature: Job intervals can now be specified for both share and subscribe jobs within SalesforceSalesforce Replicator
new feature: get queue status is now available for QueuesSalesforce Replicator
enhancement: job intervals are now configurable for Perspectium jobsSalesforce Replicator
enhancement: error outbound messages will now be in a ready state and will attempt to resend messagesSalesforce Replicator
enhancement: The Perspectium application can now be run in the Salesforce Lightning UISalesforce Replicator
enhancement: running Perspectium jobs will now have lower priority if all available system jobs are being usedSalesforce Replicator
August 23, 2018Dubniumfixed: issue with inbound not processing bulk shares correctly from ServiceNowSalesforce Replicator
fixed: minor graphical issue in the Perspectium properties pageSalesforce Replicator
July 11, 2018Carbonenhancement: “delete all” button has been added to the inbound and outbound messagesSalesforce Replicator
enhancement: direction for queue creation is now mandatorySalesforce Replicator
enhancement: file uploads on Salesforce can now be shared to ServiceNowSalesforce Replicator
enhancement: properties will now properly display a confirmation message whenever settings have been savedSalesforce Replicator
enhancement: name fields for bulk and dynamic share are now mandatorySalesforce Replicator
fixed: The Saleforce Queue Alias field (or Queue ID field, if Queue Alias is blank) will now be referenced when moving dynamic share triggers from sandbox to production instancesSalesforce Replicator
fixed: scheduled jobs will now properly retain custom descriptionsSalesforce Replicator
May 18, 2018Carbon (4.0.0)fixed: dynamic share form not loading (“invalid conversion from runtime type” error) when trigger properties not setup properlySalesforce Replicator
enhancement: display more details on success of testing trigger and add test MBS connection optionSalesforce Replicator
fixed: special characters like tab (\t), double quotes and single quotes not encrypted/decrypted properly when using AES128ServiceNow Update Set
April 1, 2018Bismuth (3.31.0)fixed: preview error with missing field u_lastmodifiedidServiceNow Update Set
fixed: bulk share not sharing out all records (too many DML statements error) when executing a large bulk shareSalesforce Replicator
fixed: apex trigger not created for dynamic share on custom tables with names ending in (underscore “c”)Salesforce Replicator
fixed: Apex trigger not sharing out records due to “Too many SOQL queries: 101” errorSalesforce Replicator
fixed: Apex trigger not sharing out records due to “Before Insert or Upsert list must not have two identically equal elements” errorSalesforce Replicator
feature: support reading attachments between Salesforce from ServiceNowSalesforce Replicator
February 8, 2018Bismuth (3.30.0)enhancement: only list tables in dynamic share that support creating Apex triggersSalesforce Replicator
feature: include child records option added to share out child records with a dynamic shareSalesforce Replicator
fixed: error finding parent table when reading Salesforce attachments into ServiceNowServiceNow Update Set
fixed: unable to read Salesforce custom field names with “__c” into ServiceNow import set tables with field names with “_c”ServiceNow Update Set
fixed: unable to read true/false values in JSON messages received from SalesforceServiceNow Update Set
fixed: id fields like ParentId are being removed causing subscribe to not work properly for some tables like FeedItemSalesforce Replicator
December 21, 20173.29.0fixed: unable to load page to create a new dynamic or bulk share when more than 1000 tables in the systemSalesforce Replicator
October 5, 2017Argonenhancement: save standard settings option on Perspectium properties page for updating fields without having to re-enter all secure settingsSalesforce Replicator
feature: added “Alias” field on shared queues for moving Apex triggers from sandbox/dev to productionSalesforce Replicator
feature: support reading attachments into ServiceNowServiceNow Update Set
August 11, 20173.25.0enhancement: updating dynamic share will update the attachment trigger instead of deleting and recreatingSalesforce Replicator
enhancment: “Active” field added to dynamic share to enable/disable dynamic sharesSalesforce Replicator
enhancement: to secure sensitive data, Perspectium properties page will not display encryption or decryption keysSalesforce Replicator
July 19, 20173.24.0fixed: all fields being selected when user selects only some fields in creating dynamic share.Salesforce Replicator
fixed: deleting a dynamic share does not delete the dynamic share attachment trigger.Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: Perspectium properties page will no longer display sensitive data.Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: attachments on a bulk share will share content in Body field.Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: update dynamic share trigger instead of deleting and recreating trigger when updating a dynamic share.Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: “Create Trigger” now says “Save Trigger” with support for updating trigger instead of deleting and recreating.Salesforce Replicator
June 27, 20173.23.0feature: support of sharing the User table when the Salesforce user is set to active or inactive.Salesforce Replicator
June 5, 20173.22.0fixed: dynamic sharing of large attachments that will return a blob error in outbound.Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: preserve the Perspectium Replicator properties settings pageSalesforce Replicator.
feature: added a bypass users feature to exclude users from initiating a Dynamic Share Apex trigger.Salesforce Replicator
April 25, 20173.20.0fixed: minor bug fixesSalesforce Replicator
enhancement: support sharing attachmentsSalesforce Replicator
February 16, 20173.18.0Initial release: Official release of Salesforce replicator managed packageSalesforce Replicator

Known Issues 

DataSync for ServiceNow
Date DetectedReleases AffectedIssueFixed in Release
05/06/2018BismuthServiceNow is decrypting Salesforce messages incorrectly : special characters like tab (\t), double quotes and single quotes not encrypted/decrypted properly when using AES128Carbon
04/26/2018BismuthBulk Sharing with “Include Child Table Only” failed when encountering a record with a corrupt/invalid classCarbon
09/29/20173.26.0ServiceNow Dynamic Sharing when Business Rule When = Before - Any modifications to current are committed to the SN databaseCarbon
04/05/20183.31.0Dynamic share does not configure correctly on Ready to Run form.3.31.1
03/05/2018BismuthDefault subscribed queue not created on first time install of Perspectium update set on an instance3.31.1
03/05/2018BismuthHandling to append / to endpoint URL is failing during Subscribe fetch3.31.0
03/02/2018Bismuth“Error Notification” module is linking to the PSP Alerts Table [u_psp_alerts] table3.31.0
03/01/2018BismuthWhen previewing with additional tables that do not have any values, it shows NaN(Not-A-Number)3.31.0
02/20/20183.29.0The “Source” column of Outbound Messages is no longer populated3.31.0
02/20/20183.29.0Outbound messages with value fields too large to send to MBS not being marked as error3.31.0
02/20/20183.29.0The enable max outbound messages security check is checking twice per regular outbound message3.31.0
02/20/20183.29.0ServiceNow Bulk Share Include All Child Tables fails when table has no parent/child relationship (no sys_class_name)3.31.0
02/08/20183.29.0Schema Processor returning improper schemas under certain configurations3.31.0
02/07/2018BismuthDeletion of multiple messages in inbound or outbound with all checkboxes checked might cause multiple errors to display4.1.0
02/06/20183.29.0Outbound attachment and audit messages will not be sent if target queue is inactive3.31.0
01/24/20183.29.0Default URL for the subscribed queue is not editable from the UI page, however, it is editable in list view3.30.0
01/24/20183.29.0Unable to submit a new dynamic share with only “update” selected3.30.0
01/20/20183.29.0Create, update, delete are not shown as required on subscribe configurations3.31.0
01/10/20183.29.0Run a bulk share on dynamic share does not handle sharing base table only and include all child tables3.31.0
01/10/20183.29.0Dynamic Share “Run a Bulk Share” does not have handling for “Sharing Base Table Only” or “Include All Child Tables”3.31.0
01/19/20183.28.0Errors when handling messages in the Observer, Audit, and Attachment Outbound Table in Jakarta Instances3.30.0
01/19/20183.28.0Outbound messages with the wrong key are not processed properly3.30.0
01/15/20183.28.0ServiceNow does not replicate correctly when using the Cipher AES128 and encrypted_multibyte3.30.0
01/15/20183.28.0“Properties Saved” message doesn't always display when successfully saving properties3.30.0
11/10/20173.26.0Dynamic Journal, Audit, and Attachment Outbound Sharing do not honor the shared queue's encryption key3.30.0
12/05/20173.26.0ServiceNow is decrypting/encrypting AES128 encryption incorrectly3.29.0
09/27/20173.26.0Negative numbers were allowed in specific properties page inputs3.29.0
08/12/20163.22.0Replication of unencrypted data not correctly processing in outbound3.29.0
11/16/20173.26.0Duplicate the UI Action names: “Run another bulk share like this” and “Execute Again”3.29.0
11/10/20173.26.0Subscribed queues allow empty names or URLs3.29.0
11/10/20173.26.0When creating a new target queue via the Bulk or Dynamic share form, it defaults the queue direction to “Subscribe”3.29.0
10/15/20173.26.0Null characters appended to fields in a table are not handled properly3.28.0
10/15/20173.26.0Include attachments on a dynamic share will not share attachments out to conditional shares3.28.0
10/10/20173.26.0Journal field entries not displaying on records in pre-Kingston instances when replicated from Kingston+ instancesArgon Patch3
10/10/20173.26.0Unable to update records in tables that have sys_class_path field on Jakarta+ domain-separated instancesArgon Patch3
10/10/20173.26.0Jakarata Memory issue with posting to the remaining Outbound tables (Observer, Attachment, Audit)Argon Patch2
11/10/20173.26.0Dynamic Journal, Audit, and Attachment Outbound Sharing do not honor the shared queue's encryption keyArgon Patch2
09/14/20173.26.0ShareRecord error invalid table name u_psp_siam_auditArgon Patch1
09/14/20173.26.0ServiceNow Table Map Replication to JSON fails when replicating ' characterArgon 3.27.0
09/12/20173.26.0Dynamic Shares will run when the record transaction came in through Subscribing - it will loop between instancesArgon 3.27.0
09/12/20173.26.0The ignore update fields feature is not functioning properlyArgon 3.27.0
08/28/20173.26.0Message Set Activity is not correctly displaying in ServiceNowArgon
06/28/20173.24.0ServiceNow “Process Again” action on inbound messages does not properly mark “skipped” when setting ignore=true in the Before Subscribe Script3.25.0
02/28/20173.24.0Scheduled Sync Up do not support “Include All Child Tables”3.25.0
02/28/20173.24.0Canceling a bulk share while state is Running needs to proceed to Cancelled state3.25.0
05/22/20173.21.0The Observer update set is needed for PerspectiumMessage to be present on new core update set installations3.21.1
06/10/20173.16.0attachments not sharing out on dynamic shares with conditions3.16.3 3.21.2 3.23.0
10/26/20163.14.0Unable to add new reference fields to the same table for Dynamic share if the reference field of that specific table has already been added for a Dynamic Share config3.15.0
10/21/20163.14.0When a Bulk Share is updated after previewing the Bulk Share, the user will be taken back to the Preview page due to ServiceNow caching3.15.0
09/26/20163.14.0Message Set activity for component type Shared-ServiceNow might be counted incorrectly on larger bulk shares3.15.0
09/09/20163.13.0Related Lists might not display for Share only selected fields feature for Dynamic Share3.14.0
09/06/20163.1.13+Selecting Share Base Table Only in Dynamic Share will cause non-saved modifications in the Before Share Script to be ignoredNot Fixed
06/27/20163.11.0Unable to replicate messages using unencrypted3.29.0
06/27/20163.8.0+The Observer UI in ServiceNow might link to (instance) instead of perspectium.net3.11.0
06/27/20163.8.0, 3.15.0Replication of a table using the combination of AES128 and Table Maps configuration is not compatible3.16.0
06/17/20163.8.0Unable to read replicator messages shared by Replicator Agent from OracleArgon hotfix1
04/21/20163.8.0When Bulk sharing records from SN to DB that ends increments of 1,000, the message set Finished time stamp for MBS and Replicator will be displayed as (empty)3.9.0
04/15/20163.8.0Replication of ServiceNow table views are not compatible3.11.0
04/15/20163.8.0Upon performing a Dynamic share, the Message Set Finished time stamp will be displayed as (empty) for MBS and Replicator Agent.3.9.0
04/15/20163.8.0The Finished time stamp of the message set is displayed as (empty) for MBS and Replicator Agent when a Bulk Share of 1 Record is ran.3.9.0
04/20/20163.7.0Unable to process records when using scheduled bulk share for Sys ID records.3.9.0
04/04/20163.7.0Share queue groups doesn't synchronize upon update and targeted group queue does not create.Not Fixed
03/11/20163.6.0+When upgrading the Update Set on Geneva instance, the commit error “Version loading was stopped by DictionaryUpdateLoader for sys_dictionary_u_psp_alerts_u_value” and “Version loading was stopped by DictionaryUpdateLoader for sys_dictionary_u_psp_table_map_u_script” might be present. The script and value fields however do get created in the two tables.Not Fixed
02/10/20163.4.0, 3.4.1Notifications on the subscribing instance that depend on activity log fields (such as comments or work_notes) will not occur in the subscribing instance because the XML received will have no value for these fields.3.8.0
01/27/20163.4.0History set does not replicate if no targeted queue is specified during replication.3.4.1
01/12/20163.3.0-PATCH1Messages with “\” in one of the fields will cause JSON Exception and not be read by MBS.Not Fixed
02/18/20163.3.0-PATCH1 - 3.4.0Observer not fully running and sending all metrics.3.3.0-PATCH4, 3.4.1
01/27/20163.3.0-PATCH1Installing Update Set on a clean instance returned the preview error “Could not find a table field (psp_out_message.u_state_info) referenced in this update.”3.3.0-PATCH4, 3.4.1
01/18/20163.3.0When user creates 2 dynamic shares on one table with different target queues, the user might receive an error when trying to add a reference field.Not Fixed
01/11/20163.3.0Bulk share “include all child tables” not working properly.3.3.1
12/28/20153.2.9If a user's instance has rules that also have the same name as ours (sysauto_script.*), our rules may override their rules which forces the customer to disable our rules in order for theirs to work.Not Fixed
09/25/20153.2.9First subscribe configuration being used when user has multiple subscribe configurations with the same “source table name”.3.3.0
12/10/20153.2.9Empty XML generated from update set.3.3.0
12/10/20153.2.9Include Referenced Field Record related list always show even if the checkbox for Include Referenced Record is not checked.3.3.0
01/12/20153.2.9Error on inbound subscribe where sys_history_line table having a column named “update” causing an error when calling GlideRecord update().3.3.0
11/13/20153.2.9Scheduled Bulk Share not functioning3.3.0
10/1/20153.2.7Unable to access to the local glide record in Before subscribe script before updating with replicated message3.2.8
09/28/20153.2.7Endpoint URL for subscribe queue error without the “/”.3.2.8
08/05/20153.2.4When MBS is down, ServiceNow scheduled job for multi output processing stops forever.3.2.8
07/28/20153.2.4Replicator subscribe configuration not used if base table subscribe configuration also exists.3.2.4-PATCH2
10/10/20153.2.4Users is not alerted when the application generates an error, particularly when MultiOutput processor fails to post.3.2.5
06/24/20153.2.3JavaScriptException: java.lang.NullPointerException Errors on ServiceNow.3.2.8
06/22/20153.2.1Dynamic Share is generating unwanted sys_attachments to be sent.3.2.8
06/24/20153.2.1sys_translated_text field not supported in update set.3.2.8
06/24/20153.2.1sys_choice entries not replicating.3.2.8
DataSync Agent
Date DetectedReleases AffectedIssueFixed in Release
06/01/2018Argon +Foreign characters not correctly sharing out from database to ServiceNowBismuth, Dubnium
06/01/2018CarbonThe formatting for the agent.xml displays incorrectlyDubnium
04/26/2018ArgonIf Agent is ran with a queue that doesn't exist, it will display “the [queue] you are subscribing to does not exit, it will be auto-created once data is shared to it…retrying.” even after the queue gets created.Dubnium
07/06/20173.16.0+Running the Agent Validation Configuration will consume messages if message connection is set to HTTPS and specified queue3.25.0
06/27/20173.23.0+Agent message set activity count not displaying correctly in ServiceNow with AMQP(S) connectionsNot Fixed
06/20/20173.23.0+Empty MBS logs are generated in the Agent log folderCarbon
05/07/20173.20.0Agent might hang at times on performance reporting threads3.21.0
02/15/20173.18.0Agent returns a WARN message TableStatsReporter - Error: java.lang.NullPointerException for MySQL Agent.3.25.0
01/12/20173.17.0Agent returns a StatusLogger error on start up when ran on a Windows environment.3.18.0
12/23/20163.14.0+Oracle Agent will return the Error ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object when replicating inserts to an Oracle DB running multiple subscribe tasks3.17.0
10/26/20163.14.0+Agent will receive a WARNING - Unable to load the Wrapper''s native library 'wrapper.dll' when ran using a 64-Bit JVM instead of 32-BitNot Fixed
09/29/20163.13.0Replication of database view tables returns a Table Action error3.14.0
07/20/20163.11.0+The message set activity reported by the Agent is incorrect for HTTPS connections3.25.0
07/08/20163.11.0The Agent will return an error if the name of the Agent created contains non-alphanumeric characters3.12.0
06/17/20163.10.0+Sharing of Uppercase columns from Database to ServiceNow is not compatible.Not Fixed
06/07/20163.10.0+The message set count might be incorrect if the Replicator Agent is interrupted and resumed during data replication.Not Fixed
06/07/20163.10.0+The missing of 1 record is possible if the Agent process is suspended or interrupted then resumed during data replication. (AMQP/S)Not Fixed
06/20/20163.9.0ServiceNow database view tables do not replicate to the Database correctly3.10.1
05/25/20163.9.0When replicating a long table with a similar name that gets truncated by default to Oracle DB, only one column will replicate since when truncated, the names will be the same.Not Fixed
06/06/20163.8.0issue which would cause a DB timeout when retrieving metadata for very large tables.3.10.1
06/13/20163.8.0Issue with Replicator Agent DB sharing which resulted in no shared records when a criteria of last updated date field was used3.10.0
05/25/20163.8.0+Dynamic columns feature in the Agent configuration is not functioning properly.3.15.0
06/03/20163.2.5+When replicating ServiceNow fields that contains CR and LF, the values “&#13” are replicated to the Database3.10.1
04/28/20163.2.5+Replicator will return a SQLException - identifier is too long error when a Table name with over 30 characters is replicated.3.9.0
04/15/20163.7.0Upon replicating a field that contains decimals from SN to a DB, the value listed in the DB after replication would contain extra decimals (5 places).3.14.0
04/01/20163.7.0Agent might display a Dpapi -decrypted value Error although user credentials are correct and protected although data successfully replicates to MSSQL DB3.8.0
03/30/20163.7.0Agent might encounter various SQLTableStructure errors during replication due to new Data Types for Geneva3.8.0
03/29/20163.7.0Agent returns a ERROR SQLTableStructure when the data type “Glide_date” is replicated.3.9.0
03/16/20163.6.1Agent returns a TableAction error String or binary data would be truncated when replicating a larger dictionary value of a ServiceNow field. (MSSQL only)3.8.0
03/16/20163.6.1Agent displays a WARN SQLTableStructure - Column: [custom_price_field] type error but can't modify the type! when replicating a custom price field (Oracle and MSSQL)3.7.0
03/11/20163.6.0Agent returns a SQLTableStructure error when replicating a larger dictionary from two different ServiceNow instances.3.7.0
03/11/20163.6.0, 3.6.1Agent returns a SQLSubscriber error when replicating a larger dictionary value of a ServiceNow field.3.7.0
03/07/20163.6.0, 3.6.1Agent receives a WARN SQLROW message when a non json array data is excluded as json array3.7.0
02/18/20163.5.0Replication of a custom price field that uses the currencies (Euro, Pound, Yen, and CHF) defaults to system currency of ServiceNowNot an Agent Issue
02/18/20163.5.0Korean Characters do not replicate correctly to Oracle DB.Not Fixed
02/16/20163.5.0Database mapping for MySQL is not mapping all types properly.3.9.0
02/16/20163.5.0Database_connection_timeout use error.Not Fixed
02/16/20163.4.4+Replicator agent does not start if one of the target databases is not accessible.3.9.0
02/12/20163.4.2+Agent returned a Table Action error after adding a new column field name that is larger than 60 characters.3.8.0
12/11/20153.3.0 - 3.4.4When replicating a table that contains the fx_price field, the agent will return an error if the fx_price column is not excluded using the <exclude_columns> directive.3.5.0
01/27/20163.4.1, 3.4.2, 3.4.3Sharing feature of Replicator agent does not function correctly, this is due to the set fetch size change.3.4.4
02/08/20163.4.0Replicated data that is too large to fit into the target column is not truncated.Not Fixed
02/08/20163.4.0When subscribing to MySQL, a failure might occur when the database is inactive for a long period of timeNot Fixed
01/25/20163.4.0, 3.4.1Replicator agent would hang when replicating to a DB that has a large amount of rows for tables sys_journal_field and sys_audit.3.4.2
01/12/20163.4.0The connection closes when a queue that doesn't exist is queried.3.5.0
12/15/20163.3.0-3.4.4Replicator's default string size is not
01/17/20163.3.0Unknown column error when schema directory is not present and a new field is created on ServiceNow and replicated to Oracle DB.3.3.1
01/19/20163.3.0Replicator Agent throws error when connecting to a MySQL database with any username other than “root”.3.3.1
12/28/20153.3.0A dynamic share that has update as its action will not be applied to a non-existent primary key, SQL will state no update and it's not reported as an error.Not Fixed
01/17/20163.3.0Upon running a bulk share of a table with new custom created fields to an Oracle DB, the newly created field would display in Uppercase.3.3.1
01/19/20163.3.0-3.4.4Replication of a ServiceNow view is failing when there's more than 1 pseduo sys_id field and one of them has no value.3.5.0
01/11/20163.3.0Data is lost when schema service is interrupted.3.4.0
12/28/20153.3.0Customer using SQLSubscriberIODateTimePlugin report inconsistencies up updating target table3.4.0
11/13/20153.2.5Name is displayed as “Will be overwritten” on ServiceNow after running a share task on agent from DB to ServicenNow3.3.0
12/14/20163.2.5Upon sharing a table from an Agent to ServiceNow, an Error is returned with an invalid record state. The name field in ServiceNow is displayed as ticket.null.3.3.0
12/09/20153.2.5Customers are not able to share views since they don't have a sys_id which is required as the primary key.3.3.0
12/03/20153.2.4, 3.2.5Upper case columns replication for Oracle DB not functioning correctly.3.3.0
10/20/20153.2.5“File not found” error after selecting the option Exchange and did not get an option to enter in our exchange name.3.2.9
08/07/20153.2.4Agent not catching floating poin values for integers which caused a Numberformat exception.3.2.5
08/03/20153.2.3When PSP_SCHEMA is downloaded, both upper case and lower case files are created.3.2.4
07/28/20153.2.3Encrypted string values in config fields not working properly.3.2.4
07/06/20153.1.15When a queue is missing, replicator agent goes into loop repeatedly.3.2.3
08/28/20153.1.14Chinese and Japanese Characters does not properly replicate to DB3.1.15
Observer / Dashboard


Date DetectedVersions AffectedIssueFixed Version
04/17/2018Bismuth (3.30.1)User can not create or delete custom trend groupsBismuth 3.31.1
04/17/2018Bismuth (3.30.1)Import alert definitions display errors even on successBismuth 3.31.1
04/15/2018Bismuth (3.30.1)Monitor calendar doesn't allow you to select current dateBismuth 3.31.1
02/12/2018Bismuth (3.30.1)Removed use of Packages call for detect situations business ruleBismuth 3.31.1
02/03/20183.24.0Top Ten next day button disabled for the same day of each monthBismuth 3.30.0
12/10/20173.24.0Top ten new slow SQL statements shows “undefined undefined”3.29.0
09/28/20173.24.0Alert configurations fails to load alerts3.28.0
09/27/20173.24.0User is unable to clear all alerts in alert lists3.27.0
09/27/20173.24.0Scheduled data cleaner job does not delete messages3.27.0
09/25/20173.24.0Observer logo not showing up in Firefox and Microsoft Edge3.27.0
09/20/20173.24.0Top Ten next day button disabled for the same day of each month3.27.0
09/20/21073.24.0Calendar will be empty when switching between Trend and Top Ten pages3.27.0
08/20/20173.24.0Minor UI issues3.26.0
08/01/20173.24.0User is unable to download images from the monitor3.25.0
07/29/20173.24.0Instance drop down list will not adjust accordingly when window is resized3.25.0
07/21/20173.24.0Minor graphical issues with the Top Ten UI pageArgon
07/15/20173.24.0Newly created users were not able to login3.25.0
07/15/20173.24.0Change password options did not authenticate correctly3.25.0
07/11/20173.23.0 +User might not be able to login to Observer using new created password3.25.0
06/30/20173.23.0Not able to support of Single Sign On3.24.0
06/20/20173.20.0Minor UI issues3.23.0
05/17/20173.20.0 +There's a symbol ` on the Observer logo for all of our Observer pages3.23.0
02/09/20173.18.0Log out button on Observer is not consistent with dashboard's log out button.3.24.0
02/07/20173.18.0Minor graphical bugs3.22.0
02/07/20173.18.0De-activating an Action would not stop it running from for the “On Alert” Interval3.19.0
02/01/20173.17.0Change password link navigates user to the login screen3.18.0
01/10/20173.11.0Hamburger menu not opening in dashboard3.17.0
11/10/20163.11.0Encoding errors preventing trend page from loading3.16.0
11/30/20163.11.0Finish install situations instead of including as part of update set3.16.0
07/27/20163.11.0Observer's top right menu drop down might not resize on the web browser correctly
07/27/20163.11.0Page resizing issue after accessing the Options menu in the Monitor page3.12.0
07/27/20163.11.0Options menu of the Monitor page might become unresponsive3.12.0
04/14/20163.3.0+Observer password does not support non-alphanumeric characters3.8.0
04/13/20163.4.4+Unable to log in to Observer after inactive time out.Not Fixed
03/23/20163.3.0+The “Please select an option from the list” is displayed incorrectly in Observer upon canceling the creation of an event.3.8.0
03/23/20163.3.0+The Change password URL for Observer is truncated if the user name is too large, causing it to link to an incorrect login page.3.9.0
12/21/20153.3.0Observer alert config description field won't properly save updates with CR or double quote.3.4.0
11/13/20153.3.0Semaphores hour label is not readable in Observer trend chart.3.6.0
11/13/20153.3.0Server page graphs are not showing data in Observer.3.6.0
11/13/20153.3.0+Sessions is not showing values in Observer page.3.8.0
11/13/20153.3.0Transient, invalid graph showing up when clicking render chart on Observer.3.6.0
11/13/20153.3.0+From To date does not reflect selected calendar start date.3.8.0
12/9/20153.3.0Monitor alert counts showing “value.indexOf is not a function”.3.4.0
1/18/20163.2.5+The “Carrot” symbol in Events alert configurations causes the Observer user to not receive alerts.3.6.0
12/23/20153.2.5+Trend Charts takes a long time to load for monthly and weekly data.3.7.0
10/15/20153.2.5+Drop down tables in Observer do not close when user navigates to a different screen within the Observer site.3.14.0
9/15/20153.2.5“Delete Selected” doesn't work for custom alerts on alert configurations page.3.5.0
10/15/20153.2.5Alert configuration is telling me it saved a record which had no input but subsequently the empty records are not reflected. Should state and edit for required fields.3.7.0
9/4/20153.2.5The “Order” column of psp_perspective does not function correctly. New entries created for example for Statsx, will always move to the end of Observer page.3.3.0


11/28/2017[[argonArgon (3.27.0)Pie charts data might not display correctly for Subscribe and ShareArgon (3.27.3)
02/12/20173.15.0+Dashboard navigates to the incorrect Observer page when accessed through the Replicator Subscribe/Share pages3.25.0
01/09/20173.17.0Upon logging out of Dashboard, the user is required to enter login credentials twice3.18.0
01/11/20173.17.0The server response time data in the availability might not be displayed correctly on Dashboard3.18.0
12/05/20163.14.0+The Settings icon is not selectable when scrolling near the bottom of the Dashboard page3.17.0
12/05/20163.14.0+Upon resizing the Dashboard browser, the Dashboard windows do not properly expand back to original size3.17.0
Perspectium (Replicator) for Salesforce
Date DetectedVersions AffectedIssueFixed Version
02/11/2017CarbonComments received from Salesforce to ServiceNow doesNot fixed
02/11/20173.18.0If “Save” is clicked on a previously ran/running Bulk Share in Salesforce, the Bulk Share's status will display “Running” indefinitelyCarbon
02/11/20173.18.0There's a preview error upon installing the Salesforce update setCarbon
02/11/20173.18.0Bulk Share cancel not functioning correctly on a large Bulk ShareNot fixed
09/22/20163.18.0The user is able to execute a Bulk Share when the filter condition has an error, hence, it causes the Status of the Bulk Share to be displayed as “Running” indefinitelyNot Fixed
09/19/20163.18.0When replicating a field with carriage returns from Salesforce to DB, the CR will be displayed as \r\nArgon

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