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Dynamic shares allow for real time sharing of ServiceNow records as they are created, updated, and/or deleted. Creating a dynamic share for a table will allow you to sync records for that table with the records in another application instance. The Dynamic Share module under Replicator in ServiceNow lists your dynamic share records that specify the format, conditions, and destination of data that will be dynamic shared out of your ServiceNow instance. 

(info) NOTE: To dynamic share tables that are in a scoped application, you will need to alter the table's Application Access. See Alter a scoped application table for bulk sharing.


(warning) First, you will need to install Replicator for ServiceNow, run the Finish Install scripts, and set your initial Perspectium & Replicator properties.

(warning) You will also need to create a shared queue.


To create a ServiceNow dynamic share, follow these steps:

UI Steps

UI Step

Navigate to Dynamic Share

In ServiceNow's left side navigation window, navigate to Perspectium > Replicator > Dynamic Share or simply type and then click on Dynamic Share.

UI Step

Click New

At the top of the form next to Replicator Configurations, click the New button. 

UI Step

Type a dynamic share name

In the Name field, type any name for your dynamic share.

UI Step

Choose a table to dynamic share

Click the dropdown next to Table. Then, search for and choose the table whose data you want to dynamic share out of your ServiceNow instance.

UI Step

Make your dynamic share active

Check the Active box to activate your dynamic share and start sharing out record data dynamically.

UI Step

Choose an encryption method

Choose a method to encrypt the data that will be shared out from the Encryption Method dropdown. Cipher options include:

Encryption MethodDynamic shared data will...
TripleDESbe encrypted with Triple DES.

be encrypted with AES-128.


be encrypted with AES-256.

(info) NOTE: To ensure AES-256 encryption for your data, you will need to create an encryption and decryption key with at least 32 characters in the PSP Properties module.

Base64 Encode Onlyhave Base64 encoding only.
Unencryptednot be encrypted.

UI Step

Choose your trigger conditions

Scroll down to the Trigger Conditions tab and check any or all of the following boxes:

ActionRecord data will be shared out of your ServiceNow instance when...
Createnew records are created.
Updaterecord data is changed.
Deleterecords are deleted.

UI Step

Choose a target queue

Click the Additional Settings tab and then click the  icon next to the Target queue field. In the Queues popup, choose the shared queue that you want to dynamic share your record data to.

UI Step

Click Submit

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form to save the configurations for your dynamic share.

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