Messages are records that get created whenever a bulk share or dynamic share runs. 

Outbound messages are included in the sharing instance, and Inbound messages are included in the subscribing instance. 

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Outbound messages

Access the Outbound module at Perspectium > Messages > Outbound.

The Outbound module contains all of the shared outbound records for a ServiceNow instance. It's made of Outbound Messages, Outbound Attachments, and Outbound Audits.

Outbound Messages contain records that are queued to be sent out to the Perspectium Mesh. Up to 4000 records can be sent every 30 seconds by default, but this value can be changed in General Settings at Perspectium > Control and Configuration > Properties > General Settings.

Outbound Attachments contain the records for attachment records. If you have selected the Include attachments option on a dynamic or bulk share, then the attachment records (sys_attachment and sys_attachment_doc) will be placed in a separate outbound table. This improves performance and places priority on your table's records. A separate scheduled job will run every minute (default setting) to process and share these records out.

Outbound Audits contain the audit records that are queued to be sent to the Perspectium Integration Mesh. 

Inbound messages

Access the Inbound module at Perspectium > Messages > Inbound.

The Inbound module consists of records coming into the current ServiceNow instance from other sharing instances. You can start receiving inbound messages by configuring a ServiceNow instance as a subscriber.