If choosing to dynamic share on deletes, you may want to enable the Use Audit Delete Listener feature. This feature will ensure that records that may have bypassed the ordinary delete business rule are included in your dynamic share. 

(info) NOTE

  • This option will only appear if the table you selected is audited
  • Delete business rules are often bypassed if a business rule that calls setWorkflow('false') or cascade deletes runs. 


(warning) First, you will need an admin role to enable Use Audit Delete Listener.

(warning) Then, you will need to create a dynamic share.


To use the audit delete listener for your dynamic share, follow these steps:

Access your dynamic share

Log into your sharing ServiceNow instance and navigate to Perspectium > Replicator > Dynamic Share. Then, click into the dynamic share that you want to use the audit delete listener for.

Check Use Audit Delete Listener

Scroll down to the Trigger Conditions tab. If Delete is checked, an option to Use Audit Delete Listener will automatically appear. Check this box to enable the audit delete listener to check for bypassed delete business rules when running your dynamic share.