To dynamic share out only the fields of a record that have been updated, instead of re-sending your entire record when there is an update, you can enable the Share only updated fields option under the Filter and Enrichment tab. Enabling this feature can be useful when your sharing (source) instance is updated frequently but your subscribing (target) instance(s) are more or less static.


(warning) First, you will need to follow the steps to get started with DataSync for ServiceNow and create a dynamic share.


To dynamic share out only the fields of a record that have been updated, follow these steps:

Access your dynamic share

Log into your sharing ServiceNow instance and navigate to Perspectium > Replicator > Dynamic Share. Then, click into the dynamic share that you want to share only updated fields.

Check Share only updated fields

Click the Filter and Enrichment tab. Then, check the Share only updated fields box.

Choose system and ID fields to share (optional)

Checking the Share system fields box will share out the following fields with your updated field(s) in the same outbound message:

  • sys_created_by 
  • sys_created_on 
  • sys_mod_count 
  • sys_updated_by
  • sys_updated_on

You can also choose an ID field that will always be dynamic shared out with your updated field(s). The default ID field that will be dynamic shared out is the sys_id field.

(warning) WARNING: MySQL error may occur when using Share system fields. When that error is received on the agent, the database will still recover and save the record. However, each record that follows will replace one another since the primary key is altered and not defined

Click update

Near the bottom left-hand corner of the form, click Update to save the changes to your dynamic share.