Perspectium Service Gateway is a solution that bundles process and services with cloud integration to facilitate automated Service Provider to Customer interactions. Service Gateway is composed of a ServiceNow native application that is deployed on the Service Provider’s ServiceNow instance, components in the Perspectium Integration Mesh for Message transformation and brokering, and a native application on your ITSM platform when available, or a mesh component, Meshlet, that interfaces with your platform.

Service Gateway can automate service requests and case management between Provider and Customer systems, manage multiple customers in a single environment securely and at scale, and deliver repeatable customer on-boarding with predefined services. Other features ranges from the following:

  • Common Document Format mapping
  • Bulk import or export of customer data e.g. CMDB, Knowledge base, Users
  • Publishes once and subscribed by many
  • Store and forward
  • Same time update sequence guarantee
  • Preconfigured zero footprint Meshlet or full featured native application (ServiceNow)
  • Support for Flow Designer on ServiceNow for robust triggering

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