You can view details about the data that comprises any Observer trend group chart, including metrics for that data, any alerts posted for the trend group, and the time window for which the trend group data is displayed within the chart.


To view the details for a trend group chart:

1. Log into Observer to access the Overview page.

2. Click the  icon for the trend group you want to view details for. You will then be directed to the Problems page.

3. Click the dropdown next to the Raw Data checkbox. NOTEIf you can't click the dropdown or if the items in the dropdown list are difficult to see, click the  icon to collapse the Y-axis for the trend group chart.

4. Click the trend group you want to view.

(info) NOTEWhen the maximum number of attributes and/or flags for display is reached, only those attributes and/or flags will be displayed in the trend group chart.

Next steps

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