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tooltipInformation on this page pertains to the Perspectium Fluorine release

The default order in which to run the bulk shares for your group share will be set up when you first create your group share. However, you can reorder the bulk shares in your group share by following the procedure below.


(warning) First, you will need to create a group share.


To reorder the bulk shares in a group share, follow these steps:

1. Log into your ServiceNow instance and navigate to PerspectiumGroup ShareGroup Share or simply type Group Share and then click Group Share.

2. Click the name of the group share that you want to change the run order of bulk shares for.

3. Scroll down to the Bulk Shares tab at the bottom of the Group Share form to see the bulk shares for your group share. The bulk shares will be arranged in the order in which they will run. To change the position of a bulk share in this list, click on the value (number) for the Order field of the bulk share record that you want to change the order for.

4. On the right-hand side of the resulting Bulk Share form, type a number for the order position you want to assign for your group share in the Order field. By default, bulk shares will run concurrently in groups of 4, and once 1 of those 4 bulk shares has finished running, the bulk share with an Order of 5 will then start running.

(info) NOTE:  To modify the number of bulk shares that run concurrently in a group share, type sys_properties.list in ServiceNow's filter navigator and search for the com.glide.sys.schedulers property. The number of bulk shares that can run concurrently in a group share is equal to 50% of the value you assign to this property multiplied by the number of nodes your instance has.  For example, if you have two nodes and this property has a value of 8, then 8 bulk shares will run concurrently (50% of 8 x 2). 

(info) NOTE: If you enter a redundant value in the Order field, then the bulk share that was originally assigned that value will run before the bulk share with the newly modified value. For example, if Bulk Share 1 originally had an Order field value of 1 and you change Bulk Share 2 to have an Order field value of 1, then Bulk Share 1 will run before Bulk Share 2. To confirm the order of the bulk shares in your group share, check the Bulk Shares tab in your group share.

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