DataSync Release Notes

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ServiceBond Release Notes

See what's new in all the integration available to facilitate automated Service Provider to Customer interactions!

Release Highlights

DataSync for ServiceNow

(tick)  Dashboard included in the Core application

Starting with Iodine 7.0.0, Dashboard is part of the Core application! Other notable enhancements for Dashboard includes: 

  • Improved management of instance data in the Dashboard
  • Display split data from different shared sources (ServiceBond, ServiceNow, etc) 
  • Display data based on user time zone settings from ServiceNow instead of local time zone

See Dashboard to get started!

(tick) Application UI redesigned 

In the last Helium 6.0.0 release, we incorporated a redesigned UI to improve your experience to better navigate through the features you use. In this Iodine 7.0.0 release, all of Perspectium UI pages has been updated and ready for you to have a better navigation experience! 

Our other UI/UX enhancements includes...

  • Ability to switch between simple and standard view for bulk and dynamic shares
  • New subscribe and shared queue form view 
  • Breadcrumbs added to nested UI pages

(tick)  Performance Improvements

Some of the notable ways performance has improved include:

  • Improved performance for AES encryption and decryption
  • Have the ability to configure the maximum number of batches used by the Data Cleaner scheduled jobs
  • Improved management of bulk shares using filter conditions

...and much more! Explore the How to Use DataSync for ServiceNow to see all the other changes. 

DataSync Agent 

(tick) Replicate data to an Azure Blob Storage container

DataSync Agent now support the replication of data from your app to an Azure Blob Storage container. See Set up the DataSync Agent to share to Azure Blob Storage to learn more!

(tick) Custom Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Don't want to install the full Oracle JDK to run the DataSync Agent? Click here to see how we can provide you an optimized JRE that includes only the necessary java packages for installing and running the Agent.

(tick) Save your attachments locally or to a cloud

With the Agent, you can now construct your full attachment to be saved locally or to a cloud storage service such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, or Google Cloud Storage. Check out saving attachments locally or to a cloud to get started!

(tick) Other notable enhancements include...

  • DataSync Agent will only run with Java 11 and greater. Java 16 is also now supported! 
  • A DataSync Agent can only point to a single database across all its tasks. This is to prevent issues with data from one Agent being saved to multiple targets 
  • All tasks must have a unique queue. That is, no queue can be used in more than one task. This is to prevent race conditions that lead to a discrepancy of data

MSP Onboarding 

(tick) Lessen the time to onboard your customers!

With the ease of MSP Onboarding Automation feature, see how easy onboarding your customers can be with the following:

  • A guided wizard that will help you through the process of setting up a new customer
  • View existing process(es) for a given customer as well as add additional process(es)

See MSP Onboarding to get started!

ServiceBond Meshlet Mapping

(tick) Configure meshlet mappings and configuration settings through an interface!

Have control of your ServiceBond meshlets through the Meshlet Mapping feature, where you can...

  • View all of your active ServiceBond meshlets
  • Edit and update meshlet mappings and configuration settings through an interface in your ServiceNow instance

See Meshlet Mapping to get started!

Release Names and Packaging

The releases name are in the format of <Major>.<Minor/Patch>.<Hotfix>. The contents of a release package are based on the name and are as follows:


Version of the software that contains significant new features, enhancements, and/or improvements in the user interface (UI) or user experience (UX). 

Perspectium's release name follows the chemical elements (e.g. Iodine) and are released alphabetically. For example, Iodine 7.0.0 is the major release following Helium.


A set of changes that contains updates, bug fixes, and/or improvements on the product. This release version can be installed by itself without a major release. 

(e.g. Iodine 7.1.0


A set of changes that addresses a specific issue. This release version cannot be installed by itself, it will need to be uploaded on top of a major or patch release. Starting with Helium, hotfixes are cumulative so hotfix 2 will contain fixes in hotfix 1. 

(e.g. Iodine 7.0.1 also known as Iodine Hotfix 1) 

Release Compatibility

Perspectium tests n-2 compatibility with each release e.g. the previous two major releases of the Agent prior to this release has been tested with the latest version of the ServiceNow application.