To enable a Freshservice service integration with ServiceNow, 2 custom fields will need to be created for tickets: CorrelationID and Updated Via. These fields must be created for Freshservice tickets so that fields can properly be mapped between Freshservice and ServiceNow when records are sent through the Perspectium Mesh.


(warning) You must have the Freshservice Admin role to complete the procedure described below.


To create custom ticket fields for your Freshservice service integration, follow these steps:

1. Log into Freshservice and navigate to  Admin > Form Fields (under General Settings).

2. Under the Ticket Fields tab, click  to create a Single Line Text field.

3. Uncheck the Displayed to requester box. Then, type Correlation Id as the Field Name (under For Agents) and click Done to finish creating this custom field.

4. At the top of the screen under Ticket Fields, click  to create a Dropdown field.

5. Uncheck the Displayed to requester box. Then, type Updated Via as the Field Name (under For Agents) and click (plus) Add item to add 3 status choices: FreshserviceWebservice, and Note. Finally, click Done to finish creating this custom field.

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