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Below is a list of APIs and SDKs used to interact with Replicator for ServiceNow and the Perspectium DataSync Agent programatically. Note that you may need to authenticate when implementing Perspectium APIs.

ServiceNow Server-side Scripting APIs

The APIs listed below are implemented using ServiceNow's server-side scripts, or Glide APIs.

API NameUsage
PerspectiumBulkShareCreate a ServiceNow bulk share via ServiceNow server-side scripts
PerspectiumMessageCreate a ServiceNow outbound message via ServiceNow server-side scripts
PerspectiumReplicatorShare a specific record to a ServiceNow shared queue via ServiceNow server-side scripts


The APIs listed below are implemented using REST methods.

API NameUsage
GET /routeMakes an AJAX call to the RouteServlet
GET /route/psp_applicationQueries records from psp_application
GET /customerstatusMakes an AJAX call to the CustomerStatusServlet to determine a Perspectium Mesh queue's status

DataSync Agent SDK

The DataSync Agent SDK contains Java classes that simplify the process of writing sharers and subscribers for data that leverages the Perspectium Replication framework. To learn more, see Agent SDK.