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(warning) First, install the Perspectium Core Update Set for ServiceNow and the Observer Update Set for ServiceNow. For more information about installing ServiceNow update sets, see commit an update set.

Log into Observer

1. In the top left-hand navigation window of ServiceNow, type Observer UI. Then, click the Observer UI module that appears underneath the navigation window. NOTE: If you are not automatically redirected to Observer for ServiceNow in a separate browser tab, check your browser's settings to make sure that you are allowing popups from

(info) To easily access Observer later, click the  icon to save Observer UI to your ServiceNow favorites.

2. If you are logging into Observer for the first time, take the Observer tour as described below. Otherwise, your default landing page for Observer will be the Overview page.

Take the Observer tour

When you log into Observer for the first time, the Observer tour will begin. Click Next to navigate through the tour, or click Back to navigate back one window. To skip the Observer tour, click Skip

Next steps

Configure your Observer settings

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Contact Perspectium Support

US: 1 888 620 8880

UK: 44 208 068 5953